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Gakuen Seikatsu [English, 222 pictures, Complete and Tankified], by Kojima Saya

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A schoolgirl dressed as a bride having awesome vaginal sex, with her loving partner, yum !

UPDATE : this is now the version 2 of this manga. Desu joined double pages and, says he, fixed plenty of small mistakes :)
UPDATE2 : and now, this share has been “tankified”, the tank materials have been added (like cover, bonus pics, etcetera).
Hopefully, we can call this a *really* final version :D

«I can’t believe the magazine wants to pay me for another sequel ! :shock: What could I invent ?!?» – Kojima Saya (fictional quote)
A highshool focuses on practical sex education. Two lovebirds must become more skilled to ensure a future together. “Enemies” appear, then there’s an inter-school sexual prowess competition, but then it ends up with a sexual marriage of sorts
Honestly, some of it was in my eyes so beyond common sense I”d want to call it “full of bullshit”, like the pregnancy stimulus drug (still, lol @ the « it’s so extreme ! » comment :lol: ), but I managed to enjoy the story nonetheless, there was a commendable effort at making a full-volume scenario, and happy sex with love with a vanilla happy ending can’t be frowned upon :)

Graphically, the girls are nice (a main heroine, two additional cuties), their face show real passion, just allow me to warn you, the thick white bars were frankly irritating, as well as the x-ray shots (that ruined plenty of potently great pages).
Thanks a lot to Desu, DarkFire and Flammz ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Tsundere Maid, Goshuujin-sama No Oose No Mamani (also with a maid) and, without maids but with a great scenario and great drawings, Kou, Electric Brain Waves Twin Girls… And, under the Yuriru Rarika pen name, there is Shujou Seikou and In No Miko.

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18 Comments on "Gakuen Seikatsu [English, 222 pictures, Complete and Tankified], by Kojima Saya"

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Thank You Oliver and desudsu for this unexpected excellent work. It's been quite a while since I'ved D'aaawwed so much at a story and it had so many different types of content. I'll look forward to a tank version down the road.


me too…. i want to see version uncen soon….. i can't wait any more

Oliver AKA The Admin

That would have to wait till the day a tank comes out. The current amount of censorship is too massive, it can't be fixed as it is for the moment, I believe.


YOur wish was granted! :D (maybe not fully…)


Started to go downhill at one point, and the inner rage was beginning so swell, but it went right back on track very nicely.

Apart from that short derailing period, it was very good – artwork was good as well.



The first time that I saw the raw I was scared to death to the netorare switch story but in the end… so sweet vanilla and wonderful drawings! And now in english too! My boner is the happiest boner in the world right now! Thanks DesuDesu and Oliver! :D


'Twill take the discipline of a shaolin monk not to jump to the ending of this … but it should be worth it. B)


Sorry to say but desu released an updated version with a bunch of corrections.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks Anonymouse ! :)


Desudesu released a v2 version, today.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thank you ! I had 15 minutes to see your mentions of this update, DL it, reupload it, and update the links. Phiew ^^

And now I'm gone for the moment, good day everyone :)


i know its hentai but i cant help be think that the only profesion available to these students would be porn stars.


Besides the rape that left a bad taste in my mouth, a superb work yet again. Time for some personal editing, i.e. delete the gang-bang chapter and pretend that I've never seen it in my life.


thanks for the amazing share again Oliver!!!

love Kojima Saya!


i am here only because this manga is mentioned in the comments in the latest work from Gunma Kisaragi…i hope to like it :)


Love how he use the word ''Tankified'' XD


Love the update version!

Thanks Oliver-san!


Although the notion of a marriage was the main idea of this story, the last chapter came out of the blue. It would have been cool if they had participated in the contest and won.

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