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Fumajimena Tsuma [English], by Shinozuka Hiroshi

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Adultery is bad. So let's imagine this is not adultery, and fap until tomorrow, okay ?

A wife greets her completely drunk husband, brought back by – surprise ! – a former wild fuck buddy. Severe humping will closely follow.

I should be doing some introspection. You see, I’m perfectly cool with the mangas by Kuroki Hidehiko (the latest is here, at least for the moment), while, on the other hand, I find that the heroine of the present share is nothing but a dirty whore.
But… Why ?!? O_o

I mean, this isn’t even netorare, the husband remains oblivious and his pure feelings remain intact. So… would you see any explanation ?
You may even cast me as being an hypocrite, maybe that’s a bit the gist, maybe that’s because I can manage to identify myself with Kuroki Hidehiko’s men who are having sex, why I didn’t feel anything for the present male hero… Talk of a share, instead of a fap, I’m splitting hair and racking my brains :wtf:

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16 Comments on "Fumajimena Tsuma [English], by Shinozuka Hiroshi"

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Yeah… I don't suppose it's much of an answer to your 'Why?' question, Oliver, but I gotta say I felt the same way you did. Da bitch be a Ho. Anyway, no DL but thanks for the share! Your work is appreciated.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, but how do you feel towards the women in Kuroki Hidehiko's works ?


Too tough a question for one blanket answer, Oliver. His works vary the circumstances of the women enough, that I can't paint them all with the same brush. Some are just 'swap/swingers' stories. Some are 'neglected or tricked' wife stories. Some are just taking the opportunity as it was offered, basically the chick had a shot at sex behind her partner's back and she took it. Some can be sympathized with, some can be understood if not appreciated, and some are just cheating 'Ho's being cheating 'Ho's… but if you really want a blanket statement on KH's stuff, it's cheating, first and foremost, and not my thing.


i find it so fucking HOT if i were the fuck buddy
but, as the husband let me make their lives ( my wife & the fuck buddy ) worse than in hell

Oliver AKA The Admin

Worse than hell might be too much. But a good thorough baseballbatting would be legit :D


translated by: Zeezo

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks too :)


I don't like cheating stories at all….and I mean at all. But at least is some of the ones you like Oliver, the guy is usually a pretty decent guy other than the sleeping with a married woman part. But stories like this, both the wife and the stealer are pretty much jackasses, and sadly kinda realistic to real life cheaters lol.


No, please, no to ntr eternal talks, no here! :'( With the "True Blue" issue was enough.


I think you are onto something, Oliver. I think the reason you( and I for that matter) don't mind Kuroki Hidehiko's work is because it is usually told from the male characters perspective and they are always very likeable and identifiable to the reader. Whereas this guy in this( and many other doujins) comes off as a real douche. The girl in this seems an unrepentant slut, and while the husband is still in the dark you can tell it's only a matter of time. To be honest Hidehiko's female characters irk me a little bit too, but at least they come off more sympathetic, either being neglected, cheated on, or at the very least adamant on keeping affairs discreet and not destroying their marriages.

General Hentai

I think everyone's missed the boat on this one, though Widowchaser is close with "Da bitch be a Ho."

The women in Kuroki Hidehiko's are in charge of their own sexuality and they are the ones in charge. In short, they're like real women, not this weird Japanese view that women can be easily turned into personal sex slaves. We start with a woman eager for her husband to get home, then resisting, to shortly there after promising that she'll get pregnant with a guy an old boyfriend she hasn't seen in years. In short, she loses her soul, and mind, while Kuroki Hidehiko's heroines, whatever you might think about them morally, do not. That's the difference.


I think it's because it took case over his sleeping body, doing something like shows a total lack of respect and maybe not really being in love.


It took place over his sleepling body. Sorry about that.


I completely agree with you Oliver! I think the difference between these stories and Hidehiko is that she loses any trace of dignity (if the ex-boyfriend told her to have sex with 12 men at the same time , she would obey without hesitation), but in the stories of Hidehiko the woman decides to do or not.
apart in Hidehiko stories often end as a simple adventure, however the other stories conclude really bad (sex slave, group sex, videos)


Maybe you're just a chauvinist Frenchman.



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