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Here’s how I do most of my batch resizings and recompressions :)

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Those questions come quite often in the comments of my shares, “how can I resize all the images in that hentai manga”, or “the images are ridiculously huge, how do you recompress them?“.

Let’s adress that, I’m explaining how I do it :)

Important: I don’t only do it that way. Actual retouchings are ran with photoshop (here’s how), and I’ll use various settings when it yields better results; it’s all a matter of trying and learning. Still, that how-to should work “most of the time”.
And I’m certain better methods exist, okay, it’s not a contest :D

… At first, I had written a massive wall of text – yeah, that’s my habit.
In the end, even I, I couldn’t understand anymore that massive wall of text :lol:
So I decided to make better: let’s sum it up in 2 images.

In those 2 images, you’ll see my personal settings and every step I take, with occasional additional explanations. The rest is in your hands :)

To recompress images, so that their size in kilobytes gets smaller, I use ACD See Classic. It’s like another windows Explorer (keep Shift pressed, right-click a folder or hit the List key, and the shell’s right-click contextual menu shows), except that it handles images. I love that prog. The later versions of ACD See disappointed me, the only downside of Classic is that it’ll randomly crash with animated gifs.
Here’s my ACD See Recompression Guide.

Important: don’t recompress your images too strongly or it will be an ugly, very ugly waste. I noticed that red surfaces are the first to show degradation from recompression: if you have huge red surfaces, look at them very carefully, they’ll show you if you have too strong recompression settings or not. Actually, since every pack of images may need stronger or weaker compression settings, red surfaces are a fairly useful indicator, huhu ^^

To resize groups of images, I use Xnview. I’m not as much at ease with the keyboard shortcuts and the GUI, compared to ACD See, this isn’t as simple and it makes me wonder if I didn’t screw up somewhere when I use it for stuff I’m not used to. But the program is superior in all regards, still ^^
Here’s my Xnview Batch Resizing Guide.

Xnview can also process whole directory trees. You select a folder, control-U for batch process window, and tick the option to process its subfolders, and BOOM, even if there are 50 sub-sub-subfolders and 5000 images, the work is done.

And if I want to rename files?
– ACDSee, control-A, F2. “##” characters will be the incremental count, “*” means “the original filename”.
– Xnview, Control-A, F2. Note: Xnview has much more powerful renaming power, and it preserves file extensions while, sometimes, ACDSee does not.

While I’m at it, I’ll have to update this post with fresher information, but, hey, I once wrote a post about the best friends of the hentai fan

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Not Oliver

Pssst !

After 10 000 pictures seen with ACD See Classic, you’ll need a serial, for instance Mester as name and 475341886221327 as serial ;)
Besides, it may prove useful if you start using ACD See Classic on a regular basis, make :
Tools > Options > Viewer > Full Screen > Save Default, and that’s all now the best options to view images :)


Protip: Decheck "save EXIF/IPTC data". You'll save even more kb.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hm ? I never noted that, I'll try next time, thanks !


It really only matters with tanks. You might save an MB or so.


How about how you do batch renaming of all the files? For those of us who are tired of the 'sigh' shit.


I dunno what Oliver uses, but I use "Batch Rename Utility".


I use Better File Rename

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oookay, if we're with renaming, I updated my post to mention ACDSee and Xnview's renaming features.

If you really need super-duper-power renaming, I (rarely) use Lupas Rename (or renamer, or renaming, something like that).


To resize groups of images, I use Berberus Mass Image Resizer or Redimensionneur

Mr. Logical

To do a batch resize, I use Fotosizer. It’s free and it’s extremely easy to use. I will say, however, that my (currently out-of-date) virus protection stated the website for the program somehow compromised my computer’s security, so take that as a warning if you decide to go with this program.


I've long used the free IrfanView for viewing and batch tasks. In particular I use it to convert BMPs to PNGs to save space. For renaming I use Advanced Renamer which is powerful and free. Just my two cents

Hands Solo

Xnview also has the neat feature of being able to open images in tabs. You can switch between tabs with your mouse wheel while your mouse is hovering over the tabs. (Sadly you cant set it up to switch between tabs anywhere on the screen.) Still good for comparing (similar) images.

For finding duplicate files (images) Ive tested a bunch of programmes a while back and settled on Alldup. You can launch it by right clicking on the desired folder. It has a file (image) preview. You can select all duplicates with the same path. It asks you what to do when all duplicats in 1 group have been selected, so you wont accidentally delete all the duplicates.

Anyone know of a good image viewer that allows you to quickly switch between "fit to window" and "100% zoom"?

Oliver AKA The Admin

That switching would be the / and * keyboard strokes :)

For duplicates, I use Visipics. That prog's doing WONDERS, finding duplicates, you can customize the similarity level recognition feature, and you can set the program up so that it will, ultimately, only keep the largest resolution image without bothering you with a billion confirmations.

Hands Solo

Good to know.

Ill check out Visipics when I get the time.


one program to rule them all
HoneyView 3 or 꿀뷰 3.
sadly he doesn't seem to update the english version much nowadays, but either version I found is the best image/archive/zip general use image viewer out there.
very fast as well.

Hands Solo

The possibility to browse compressed folders is nice. It does however have some big let downs.

For the love of me I cant find where you can set the default zoom level. Fit to window seems to be the default .

The huge zoom level bubble that fades in and out is also a bit annoying.


I am using XnConvert, it is basically XnView without the browser part.
Just set up your conversion preferences and convert with just a few clicks (right click on folder, left click to run XnConvert, left click convert button)


renamer I use (powerful, free, easy to use)
viewing images within a zip file, CDisplay (I use it to read manga)


Un peu en retard, mais merci pour la découverte des logiciels et les tutos, vraiment utile !


What about Faststone ? It has a powerfull batch resize/convert. Also, it’s free… :)