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Mars Volta Mercury Shadow 3 [English], a Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi, by Alice No Takarabako

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Some day, Alice No Tarabako will once again release a manga with a good scenario, and I won't even notice because I'll have given up and skipped on reading the dialogues. I see it coming, lol.

Following previous works (Sailor Bitch and Mercury Shadow), Alice No Takarabako shows us Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus sharing lovers for convenience, one for each. The story focuses on Sailor Mars. And so, we get to see yet another slutty whore of an heroine, Alice No Takarabako sauce, having intense sex.

At this point, this is becoming Mac Hentai’s, but it has some charm nonetheless if you didn’t have some of it recently enough ;)

Credits are for Ackeejag, Marien -Uzuki-, SXIndy27, N1one, Dap00 and Xiefu, from Pineapples’R’Us, thank you ! :)

For more, see The List of Alice No Takarabako’s Works on HentaiRules

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Ah, look an Alice no Takarabako share! No, I gotta pass on this. I'll just close my eyes and run like hell to the next post.

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

Look at those eyes… you can't run from them.


The only thing I'd want would be the cover page. It's in color, the slutty outfit is hot (admit it, you think so too), and the girl for once does NOT look like she wants to stab you 500 times with rusty scissors while giggling insanely. Pass on the rest though…


…All I can think of is The Mars Volta