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Twin Sluts [English], by Pierre Yoshio

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A tanned teen selling her body. Fuck, I'd pay for her.

Oh, my eyes. (Oh, my penis.)
Why couldn’t that story be developed into a 200+ pages-long manga with nothing but more, and more, and MORE, and MOARRRR sex ??? :twisted:

The setup is simple, an adult man (I’d say he’s, what, 25) books two call-girls for the first time. Guess who comes, girls he knew when they were little, and who like him. Now, they’ve grown a whole lot in a slutty way, loving sex, being carefree and quite open about it. (Watch out : sluts, okay, but not braindead sluts who are lost for society.)
The girls are TOTAL CUTIES (rha, their tight uniforms ! Their smiles !), a tanned thin one and a voluptuous brunette, and they have a threesome time, feeling good for everyone, I didn’t even care about the big whiteout censorship because it felt too good, and, last but not least, there’s a good open ending as icing on the porn cake :D

This was released by Lusty Lady 00 and Black Russian, from The Lusty Lady Project, thank you ! :)
By the same artist, I also share a pack of 3 works (Spare Key Party, Tsuyo Kosu, Tsuyo Kosu Advance).

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12 Comments on "Twin Sluts [English], by Pierre Yoshio"

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Dat … Was ….. MARVELLOUS!!!!!!!!!! :*


IMHO, Pierre Yoshio qualifies for AND deserves a promotion to the ranks of "Great Artists". Number One (Oliver), Number Two (Hurpdurp) ….. MAKE IT SO! B)


SOMEBODY (more likely Oliver and/or HurpDurp) ….. TURN ON THE "bleep-ing" BAT-SIGNAL!!!!!. The Tankoubon by Yoshio-sensei (including THIS gem) has been sighted on E-Hental Galleries (Title: "Chichi Bitch").

This is DEFINITELY a job for … wait for it … BATMAN AND ALFRED! B)

Part time commy

Ah, i get you… this could have been developped in a few more chapter with character developpment. Could have been nice!


Still holding out hope this is made into an expanded story. Definitely want more of those characters.


The two twins were freaking HAWT! And interesting, as characters go. Yeah, a little extra effort and this could easily have been it's own tank. At any rate it was superb, and I thank you for the share, Oliver!


I'm going to agree with everyone else, it was way too short. This could have been several parts with no problem at all.


Hoh-lee-crap was this good. I'd love to see more with these characters. Thanks, Oliver!


this is good stuff :D

thanks again as always Oliver!!


Just downloaded it again.

Thanks for the godly work as always Oliver-san!


Just read this one, and it is godly. Makes me wonder if they will become exclusively his sometime in the future, because it does not seem like they are going to be quitting anytime soon.


On the other hand, based on the last page (and the 5-page sequel shown in the as-yet-untranslated tank: "Chichi Bitch"), it's not altogether impossible that one day, Manatsu and Mafuyu will be "retiring" from active service to spend their days (and nights) with their beloved Ojii-san / Ojii-sama. Those poor souls left behind will "weep and gnash their teeth", thereafter referring to Ojii-san / Ojii-sama as:


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