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English and Spanish pack of comics by the artist Atilio Gambedotti [321 pictures]

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TONS of material to fap to

I gathered two-three works by Atilio Gambedotti, a Spanish artist that I just recently discovered.
In Spanish : Cercanias (complete) and Susanita En La Gran Ciudad (complete too).
In English : Neighborhood (incomplete, this is the translated version of Cercanias).

That’s seriously GOOD porn, in full-color, never tained by any censorship, with oral, vaginal sex, and double penetrations.

Atilio Gambedotti has made many more comics, so if you are interested in this man’s creations, I STRONGLY encourage you to visit his website.
It’s interesting, the artist is quite active on it, commenting on his works, posting original drawings and creations. His posts are in Spanish and in English.
You will also find links to online shops selling his works, in English, in Spanish, and in French ! :) There’s also a Paypal button, if, you know, you want to simply give money because you like the guy…

More surprisingly, still on Atilio Gambedotti’s website, I found it’s even possible to COMMISSION erotic comics ! Can you imagine the idea ? You like this artist’s way of drawing girls, you provide him with a scenario, possibly an image of the girl you fancy, and, there you are, you’ve got erotic materials with her ? That sounds AWESOME !!! :twisted:

In Cernanias/Neighborhood the girls are simply enjoying non-fucked-up sex, the opportunities of life, having enthusiastic vaginal and anal sex. In Susanita, I didn’t understand everything, but it seems there’s a scenario around prostitutes, it’s only occasionally happy sex.
I’ll let you see for yourselves :)

Spanish ones : CercaniasSusanita En La Gran Ciudad
English one : Neighborhood

UPDATE : I’m sorry but I was contacted by Atilio Gambedotti, with a polite request to remove the download links. I’m complying.

Also, you know what ? The more I think of it, the more this “commission” thingy, mentioned on Atilio Gambedotti’s website, it interests me. Even years and years later, I still can’t get out of my mind this girl on whom I had a crush in highschool. We lost contact, but I just can’t forget her. At the time I knew her, I was too shy to approach her, I idolized her, and yet she was friendly and all.
In your opinion, what could a talented adult comic artist do with the few photos I have of her ? :3

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Comics are in English and Spanish

Guy's name is Gambedotti



Thanks for this. Knowing new artists is always fun.


Think Japan will ever dump its censorship laws? Especially considering Japanese people have open access to foreign sites that do not have censored porn?


you should read 4 girlfriends :P


"It's only occasionaly happy sex". Not really, it's prostitution but there is no rape or desire to exit the lifestyle – she actually likes having sex. A lot. As showed in cercanias when she fooled around with a bunch of guys just for fun. And unlike hentai, there's no fetish for the reader to put himself in the role of the customer, it's more like a chronicle of the difficulties sex workers face. Only in the end she decides to call it quits and go back to "Cercanias" because she realizes she needs more than sex in her life. There's a nice afterwords by the author on the bottom of the last page of Gran Ciudad where he exposes his sympathies to sex workers.

BTW in neighborhoods there is another parallel to one usual hentai fetish that is netori/netorari as the fat guy is in love with the girl, but she shows no interest in him and have lots of sex with different partners, but again it doesn't fetishize on the damage that is done to the poor guy. Rather, it's more like "I understand she likes to have sex, unfortunate of me and my feelings" for him and "I like him, but not like that and will not compromise my desires because of it" for her.

All in all interest reading, nice drawings. La Grand Ciudad is what happens between the time the girl leaves cercanias and its last chapter – which is kind of bittersweet "And the lived happily. For a while…"


If you liked the artist, he also made "4 girlfriends" (translated in english and french) and "roomates".


Just don't tell your wife about you not being able to forget your high school crush and think of having an artist do an erotic work based on photos of her so you can fap to it huhu, unless you have that kind of open relationship lol. Thanks for the shares today.

Hands Solo

Thanks for the translated version of Neighborhood:

Heres one more translated work from the artist:

Ser Maggot

Woah, I never knew you'd be interested in this, Oliver! The chapters are translated by Mr. Koiwai from an image board. The rest of the chapters, I translated using "Google Translate". So, the translation could be inaccurate at times.

The official English translation would be available in the near future according to Mr. Atilio. I look forward to that!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oh, so it was from you ? Thanks a lot for what you did, Ser Maggot ! ^^

Ser Maggot

That's weird. I posted this release only on E-H . I guess it was shared elsewhere then. ^^

Oliver AKA The Admin

That's the good thing with the internet, free porn, free porn everywhere, not just in one initial place :D

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yahaaa ! A certain link arrived in my inbox. Thanks for re-doing 3 People To Tango with actual English ! :)

Ser Maggot

You're welcome. Enjoy. :D


Just one note: as i expected when i readed the italian second name on a spanish-languaged person, Gambedotti is not spanish but argentinian.


If you want to commission erotic comics, you might want to check out . Just incase you prefer his artstyle.


Atilio Gambedotti is not Spanish, is Argentinian