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Ichi Ni No 3P [English], by Aoki Kanji

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Two girls, one boy, and zero cups, you can fap safely !

Ser Maggot rode his time-travelling Harley Davidson (well, that’s how I like to imagine it, I’m sorry if it’s something less awesome for real), and he brought us what used to be known as “Three People To Tango“, an uncomplicated pleasant teen threesome story, that I shared six or seven years ago…. and that was, regrettably, a rewrite.
… And so, Ser Maggot commissioned ZeroBlade, from HimaHimaSeijin Scans, to make it a REAL translation !
Thank you very much, Ser Maggot and ZeroBlade ! :) :jap:

(For MORE, please see the list of Aoki Kanji’s works on Hentairules :) )

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(10 MB, 16 pictures, English)

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7 Comments on "Ichi Ni No 3P [English], by Aoki Kanji"

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From the "crunchy frog" that many-a-time masquerades as a great hentai tale, Good Translators Deliver Us.

Can I Get an "A-MEN"? B)


Yes, YES, a thousand times YES.
Although the rewrite WAS nice to read. Good Job.


Sweet. Many thanx Oliver.

Ser Maggot

Heh, how I wish it was a Harley Davidson. :D


Holy crap, I remember this one from an eternity ago! And, it's a sweet share. Guy discovers two secret lesbians making out, keeps their secret, and surprise surprise, they're bisexual!


One of the first hentai manga I ever read. Never knew the name until now.

AK draws nice women, but the sex action left me wanting more/better.


Oh that fabled paizuri…

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