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Nigai Milk (“Bitter Milk And The Smell of a Female Animal”) [English, 164 pictures], by Hiroyuki Ando

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A bunny girl, with cum on her bare ass. YUMMY !

Here is a fully translated complete tank, brought to us by Natty Translations, thank you very much ! :)

The girls have very large breasts, one of them has incest, the boys have forearm-long and -thick penises, and everyone’s smiling as soon as the mood gets sexual, and happy carefree sex without second thoughts merrily follows ^^ There are only 2 exceptions (out of 8 chapters, 7 girls), a petite teenager (happy sex with love), and an adult hentai-raped woman (mindbroken).

The drawings may look old-school, but they’re very “efficient”, if you see the metabolic idea ? Also, technically speaking, there is censorship, but massive props to you if you manage to find where those hyper thin white lines are hidden :lol:
I hope you may enjoy this no-brainer share ! ^^

By Hiroyuki Ando, I also share Mamire Chichi Sticky Tits Feel Hot All Over Smeared Breasts, Koisuru Purin-pai (188 pictures), and also The Energetic Girl And her Medic(k)al Treatment. And there’s also Oneppyu (221 pictures) and a double-manga pack : All I Want Is A Hole + Pai Nuki (337 pictures).

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(69 MB, 164 pictures, English)

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4 Comments on "Nigai Milk (“Bitter Milk And The Smell of a Female Animal”) [English, 164 pictures], by Hiroyuki Ando"

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woot! and another release XD thx Oliver!


Lots of milk splashes!!

Thanks for the good work as always Oliver-san!!


Nice to see Hiroyuki Ando put less veins on the male's genetalia, the one's in his earlier works were just freaky.

Dream Shark

Very good! =)