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Intruder From The Window [English], by Sayu Ayuma

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She's lovable. I'd love to do her. *cough*

This story is hyper-stereotypical, but I wouldn’t care if I were you, it “works” anyway ^^
We find a cute teen girl with a cat-like attitude, both carefree and resolute, entering her male childhood friend through the window because she’s always been doing that, finally confessing this feeling, and after this, against all expectations, they don’t settle to play Uno or Soulcalibur.

The drawings are “blinding whitness” censored, but fortunately the artist sometimes found ways to “cheat” around this obligation. There’s paizuri and vaginal sex. As for the drawing quality, this is quite good already, with an arched back, big fresh breasts, cute twintails… yum ! :twisted:
Credits are for Maipantsu, Hihohahi and CellTF (who commissioned it), many thanks, you three :)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(22 MB, 24 pictures, English)

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11 Comments on "Intruder From The Window [English], by Sayu Ayuma"

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Once Again: D'AWWWW!!!!! x HNNNGGG!!!!! ….. IT'S SUPER-EFFECTIVE! :*

Sakato Kosuke

The last line of the male character, UH


I really liked this one when I saw it just because of the images, but after reading the translation, my response was, "My heart!". So sweet. I'm happy to have helped bring this to others in English (though Maipantsu and Hihohahi did the majority of the work).


Thank you very much!


Thank you CellTF. It's a wonderful story and the art work was great. Please keep translating great stories like this one.

Sakato Kosuke

The vanilla was so strong, I got diabetes.


Now this is why I love vanilla!!! A very sweet loving story and wonderful art work. Thanks Oliver.

Dream Shark

"…against all expectations, they don’t settle to play Uno or Soulcalibur"
I LOL this part. Good share, Oliver! B)

Oliver AKA The Admin

I actually have a weird special fetish, the idea that the stereotypical story begins like that, and when we think sex is going to begin, that turns into a shonen cards battle scene, with the artist having fun cockblocking us ;)


Is Japan so dense that the houses are close enough to climb across?

I live in a county of just under 730km/2 with just 3000 people. Needless to say, I have some room.


i loved it…