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Maiji Saimin (“Love Bitch”) [English], by Kanzume

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— Update : good news, this post is now available in a FULLY UNCENSORED version!

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7 Comments on "Maiji Saimin (“Love Bitch”) [English], by Kanzume"

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Alexandrine Library

With such a presentation picture, I certainly have to download it!!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Be wary, Alexandrine : I always deliberately choose the best-looking of the images as my big preview pic, because I want my posts to look cool. That doesn't change what I wrote in my description.

– just wanted you to remain cautious :)

Alexandrine Library

Well, someone once said that a picture is equivalent to one thousand words. Just to give you an idea, I avoid incest centred stories (that is, lots of hentais, lol), but the presentation picture here did captivate me:

Well, I am not that strong, you see. ;)

Oliver AKA The Admin

OK, OK ^^

Just keep in mind, my only criteria for the big preview picture are its aesthetic quality and its visual impact. I don't choose it to reflect the quality of the manga itself.


Given how many hentai girls lose their minds over dicks, I suppose this is just turning subtext into text.


Art good, plot – well I dunno if I like it or not. Well I don´t like mindbreak. I´d prefer if he confessed her in more normal way but hey it is somehow refreshing. The sex parts are really good and her wanting to be mom are so good and sweet :D. Good Job.


Mindbreak is like everything femenist despise olo

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