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Moroku Gankyou Ni (“Fragile And Tough”) [English], by ShindoL

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And may everyone achieve happiness. That would be so nice.

/Troll : it’s weird, with ShindoL, the women can either be braindead fuchkole slut pigs, or admirably strong independant handicapped individuals.

I have to fight this uneasy feeling myself, I’m not judging or being condescending, but I’ll say it : if you’re sick at the sight of an amputee having great sex, the matter isn’t with the girl or with sex, the matter is with you… Let’s stay “open” :)

Update : this chapter is now belonging to Junai-Irregulars, a 225 pictures-long tank by ShindoL. But that manga is SO full of shit you’d better not download it and only take the present share, which is why, against my habit, I’m not removing all the links and telling you go to leech the tank instead :)

Moroku Gankyou Ni is a really GOOD story, in which there is true love, courage, responsibility and hope. I wouldn’t want to spoil you the whole plot (which is quite simple, although emotionally strong), I’ll just say this is about an amputee woman, a strong, independant and courageous woman, who, at last, isn’t alone anymore. And it’s fucking GREAT that she got it at last !
The art may be unsettling, there’s a strong focus on non-verbal communication, the girl’s eyes are sharp and beautiful… Ah, words fail me, just read it, ‘K ?

My great thanks, for this EXCELLENT release, are for Red_Vodka, Pzykosis666, Flammz and Anonymous Scanner ! :jap:

For similar feels, check Barrier Free, the only great chapter in Sarashi Ai, starting page 44.
(For MORE works by this genius, Cf. The List of ALL of ShindoL’s Works !)

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(20 MB, 33 pictures, English)

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18 Comments on "Moroku Gankyou Ni (“Fragile And Tough”) [English], by ShindoL"

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shindol really is hit or miss! what a nice story!


A hentai with feels? What a nice surprise.

Kurzwaltz Messer

Wow. This is good. :) Rare gem from Shindol indeed, like sweet vanilla from Carn. :P

Generally, amputees in H-doujins are found in "guro" stories, and are squicky for most people. :I


*Zathael emerges from lurking mode*

I wasn't sure if you were going to share this one, Oliver. There is a big difference between being supportive of disabled people and being ok with seeing them naked. I totally understand that the *ick* factor may make this one be a bit less than popular here, but I believe it really desrves to be shared, in a sense it *must* be shared, due to the content and the story. It shows a disabled person as being *human*, with the same insecurities, desires, and such that all the rest of us have. It also shows how people can get hung up on another person's disability, and forget about who the disabled person really *is*.

It is a bit late here, so I hope this rambling comment of mine made some sense to someone. Thanks a lot to Red_Vodka, Pzykosis666, Flammz and Anonymous Scanner for all their hard work, and thanks again Oliver for sharing it. This one is something special.

*Lurk mode engaged*

Oliver AKA The Admin

The way you said it, your choice of words… Yeah, your comment was really beautiful, Zathael :)

In my eyes, the whole point of this share is to accept the other. To accept him for what he or she is, as a human, no matter what circumstances affected him or her. But you said it better :D


This was indeed special…


Excellent post. Well done Oliver and everyone involved. Many thanx for a unique post.


Unique. And hot :)


this will be one of my few favorites. :)


I don't know whether or not to fap…i'm so confused…


Sincerely speaking, I would download any type of Hentai with the exceptions of being Guro and Amputee; but since it's you posting this share Oliver, I'll bite and download it.


I wouldn’t let her smoke on my chest like that…


After reading it, I couldn't really get a boner. I was mildly excited, but not as I normally would. Am I a horrible person? I think maybe if the girl was a little more on the "cute" side and if ShindoL didn't abuse ahegaos I would have enjoyed it more.


Don't worry about it. I didn't really get off to this story either, although my reason is that I really dislike smoking… ;)

Seriously though, you can be suportive of something without being attracted to it. For example, I have several gay guys as friends, and feel they should have all the same rights that straight people have. But I really don't need to see pictures or video of them fucking somebody. >.<


Feel too much for drama story than hentai…
it's good story for shindoL


this is an older post but I don't care, those too speech bubbles on the final page were( given the mood) the best part of the story lol


As horrid as the tank is, it was worth going through it for the pic of Misa on the cover! Cute lingerie!


I’m really glad to see people with common sense on a hentai manga provider website with many…weird stuff

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