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Wetly Wife [English, 192 pictures], by Rio Yanagawa

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Now, that's a reason not to hate adultery.d

Tadanohito rules. And his donators too. YET ANOTHER GEM ?!? SERIOUSLY THANK YOU GUYS !! :D
Wetly Wife is a tank in which every chapter is a single story, and it’s always the same pattern, the woman is super hot, her husband lost interest in her years ago, until lucky circumstances brought a compatible young man with whom to have great sex with mutual liking and care.

Both men and women are between 20 and 30 (a rarity, since Rio Yanagawa is mostly into shota hentai), the women are blessed with big breasts, lovely faces, they kept their bush down there. There are never strong bonds, no emotional impact, only vague promises to keep on in the future, so it’s all about the drawings, this time. And they’re really good, these drawings, with little censorship, hardcore action (oral, paizuri, vaginal), that was a pleasure to read it :twisted:

(For more stuff by this artist, cf The list of Rio Yanagawa’s works on Hentairules)

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Rio Yanagawa is the best…
I wanna more of his shotacons !!!


you sir! know what's good stuff :D oh and thx Oliver for the share! you the man! :D

Oliver AKA The Admin

Then you guys must check if you have, or haven't yet, Doutei Lovers. I'm not sharing it on hentairules because that's asking too much from me, a full tank entirely based on shota and ending with shota pegging. But if you like, well, there, that's the reference, Doutei Lovers.


Why did someone tag this as incest? Where is it?


Now this is more like it!!!

Thanks for the amazing share as always Oliver-san!!!