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Kuro Yousei (“Dark Elf”) chapters 1-3 [English], by Nishikawa Kou

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I can't wait to see the female dark elf finally have sex :3

☑ Female elven maids.
☑ A tsundere female Dark Elf.
☑ A sorta nekomimi. A succubus.
☑ 100% happy sex with love or mutual liking.
☑ Splendid drawings, that even the strong censorship can’t ruin
☑ A genuine storyline, a real scenario, with magic, political and financial powers facing each other…

I’m sorry I took too long to share Kuro Yousei, the first picture had made me think that would be a fantasy-rape-mindbreak manga (I was 100% mistaken). Also, fair warning, the story is still in progress and I have no clue as to when it will be over. I can just tell that one more chapter wouldn’t be enough, hopefully there will be many more to come ! :twisted:

— Update : good news, the post you’re reading now has become obsolete.

I’m now sharing Kuro Yousei 1-5 on THAT page,
and it’s the COMPLETE series, now :)

Hello ! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the Zip links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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6 Comments on "Kuro Yousei (“Dark Elf”) chapters 1-3 [English], by Nishikawa Kou"

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Nice, I want to read more of the story :D


You could have stopped the list at "Female elven maid"

Oliver AKA The Admin

The second line was the one for me : tsundere female dark elf : HNNNNNG ! :D


to each his own


Yet another "came for the sex, stayed for the plot" type series which honestly I can't get enough of. I hope the next chapter comes out soon


I know it's a little late but I must praise this one.

The first chapter was fairly stereotypical and left me feeling a little let down since harem maid hentai doesn't really interest me, but the later two chapters really sold me on this. The story is still as cheesy as any other hentai, but it works anyway because Nishikawa Kou got me emotionally invested in the three mains, to a degree I didn't think possible for an erotic manga. The actual sex was in good taste and stunningly intense, despite the censorship (as Oliver mentioned). The best part was that the sex and scenario did not distract me from one another.

10/10, would fap again. All my bromantic love goes to Nishikawa Kou for the hentai, Oliver for sharing, and whatever internet ghost(s) translated this masterpiece. Thank you all.

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