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My Blood Sister Is My Waifu [English], by Yoshida

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Teddy bear armor : +0 defence against brothers.

This is happy wincest with liking or, maybe even, love, and with a final twist on the last page that I really hadn’t seen coming ^___^
Graphically, well, what have we, a big-breasted falsely candid sister, not too much censorship, detailed genitalia, and nice vaginal time.
Enjoy ! =)

And thanks a LOT to CellTF and Amaimono ! :jap:

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(12 MB, 19 pictures, English)

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11 Comments on "My Blood Sister Is My Waifu [English], by Yoshida"

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WOW!!! I loved it. What a hot sister. And those big boobs made it even better. Great one Oliver!!!

Kurzwaltz Messer

The first part wasn't that good IMO, but once they got home… BAM!

Looks like the ponytail is her "mode switch"– he takes it off on page 3, and she's immediately under his thumb.
She puts it back on in the last page, he gets sucked dry. ^_^


Interesting to see that translators use internet memes for english doujin titles.

Dream Shark

I love her esctasy face, thanks Oliver! =D


WOW!!! Has anyone checked out google search lately? They have taken down or blocked a lot of sites lately. And I mean a lot.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Can you elaborate ?


I found a DMCA notice at the bottom a google search page while searching around for a couple of things. Probably best not say exactly what I was looking for other then it was hentai stuff. Apparently a site had been taken off. When I clicked on the site it said to go to see what the complaint was or why it was removed there were a lot of sites listed. All seemed to have to do with copy right infringement. The site that I clicked on to find out this information was I don't know if you're going to want to delete this after you read it or not.


That's not new. It's been there for at least 5 years now.


Every site I use works fine.


That's good news. I thought maybe the whole DMCA thing was running sites over like a freight train out of control.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Also, what do I do when I receive a DMCA ?

– panic, close all my accounts, delete my files and close the site
– politely and respectfully obey and remove the requested links, with a respectful email confirmation

I'll let you guess which of these two has been my attitude over these past years ;)

<small>(Hint : I'm still here, and adding more contents than I'm having to remove it)</small>

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