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M No Honkai [English], by Hal

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The snapping of a fujoshi. ABSOLUTELY DELECTABLE, I was cheering for the girl all along ! :D

It’s been a few days I wanted to share that one with you, but either I didn’t have time or there were other shares taking priority. This time, I’m seizing the opportunity, here you go ! :D

M No Honkai might be the BEST femdom manga I shared on Meaning : I loved reading it ! ^^;;
I didn’t sympathize with the male character (a masochistic boy who thought it was wise to turn himself to a plain uninteresting girl into boys love, thinking she’d repay his favour – of showing interest towards her – with dominance play). But, ooooh yeah, I sympathized with the female heroine, I was loudly CHEERINGĀ  for her as she made the boy her faithful servant and enjoyed herself discovering sex :twisted: Yay, you snapped and you got it right, girl, go for it !! :D

Well, see for yourselves, but rest assured, this isn’t brutal or horrible, and… as for the ending… THAT FACE SHE MAKES IN THE BOTTOM OF THE FINAL PAGE ! That was… awesome :twisted:

The art was kinda good (strongly reminding me of Doumou, although the final page rekindled me of some pages drawn by Okamoto Lynn), and, although it may sound weird told like that, the huge focus on the girl’s broad smiles really made up for the mosaics censorship below… well, in my eyes at least ! ^^

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(22 MB, 22 pictures, English)

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9 Comments on "M No Honkai [English], by Hal"

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HUH This my friend is GOLD!


Kirino Wins … FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!!! B)


First of all, thanks Oliver for sharing this here. It is an awesome treat for us femdom fans. And, yes, I agree that the art style *really* looks like Doumou. :)

And now, for a WARNING: This is NOT the sort of stuff Hal normally does. This is probably the most vanilla and/or happy sex thing he has ever done. Most of his stuff gets really, really dark. Search for his other stuff at your own risk.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks for the warning. I browsed around and took your warning to heart, brr -_-


I did find ONE other thing of his you might like. I will email you about it.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Just saw your mail. Thanks a lot, Zathael, I mean it ! :)


That face at the end was too perfect, couldn't help laughing a little.


Someone should tell "Mikey" that, quite possibly, HE (the male protagonist) "likes it", too. xD

Oliver AKA The Admin

I always wondered who might find these tags relevant ^^;

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