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Imouto Datte Yome Ni Naritai (“I Want To Be Your Bride Even Though I’m Your Sister”) [English, 91 pictures], by Takano Yuki

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They are quite literally semen sisters ^_^

We start with a brother having, “quite naturally” (because hentai, OK ? ^^) sex with his two Japanese stepsisters (most logically : megane, twintails). When a new stepsister joins (dad’s quite the untamed predator, isn’the ?), this time it’s a cute blonde American girl, what do you think happens ? I know you know.

The sex is very good, the story comes without complications, and besides the scenes in which the brother has sex with just his two Japanese stepsisters, with the American one, or with the three girls at once, we’re also given the chance to have half a chapter with just the three girls pleasuring each other :twisted: For a work that’s 3 chapters long, I say, thats great material ! :D
Credits are for Blue Wingz, Palaxius, Freudia and Renaro, from Team Koinaka, thank you very much ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Transit + Otometic Overdrive in their blissfully uncensored version, Kokuhaku Ha Asoko No Okude, Tottemo Iitoko, Otona No Anemone and Long Distance Relationship.

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(67 MB, 91 pictures, English)

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8 Comments on "Imouto Datte Yome Ni Naritai (“I Want To Be Your Bride Even Though I’m Your Sister”) [English, 91 pictures], by Takano Yuki"

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Billy Mays

Glad this one turned out to be a harem with a touch of vanilla.

This author tends to sway between NTR and Vanilla on a whim.


Nice. The best thing i`ve read in a while. 4some + lesbian action + Kneesocks..*wolfcry*. I hope they make an anime of this (NOT Queen Bee!).


errmm..When i come to think about it @ native speakers: is it "wolfcry" or "wolfhowl" or both. Might as well improve my english. (Yes, google didn`t help )


It's just "howl" (assuming I'm understanding the context corrently).

Alexandrine Library

This is an interesting way of contouring the incest theme and having a harem at home at the same time. Unreal in history is that no one can afford blowjob and waffle at the same time as the Japanese sisters do (at least, as far as I know).

Another absurdity is that a just-arrived British (no, she is not American) is fully fluent in Japanese (or is everyone at home fluent in English?)

Well, as I am too conservative (or whatever!), I dare say the lesbian affair was unnecessary. Anyway, it is a good story.


The MC seemed rather unlikable. Not a 100% jerk, but at least around 60%. But it's hentai, so whatever…


These are chapters 2 – 4 of Chichi Otome, which also includes 'Transit' and 'Otona no Anemone' as chapters 1 and 8 respectively.


Sadly I was a touch too furious at the big brother to really get any enjoyment out of this, since those drawings were very hot, Ann in particular (I have a thing for blond hair)