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Hekigan To Kinpatsu To Tanuki [English], by Momonosuke

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A hottie like that, I wish I were in the place of the cumshotter. Ah, well. Fantasies.
Try you imagine a cumshot like that, for real, in a porn movie ? ^^;;

This share should pour some hope and smiles in the souls of the socially awkward and the chubby boys, this is the tale of a totally HOT blonde, tanned and extrovert girl, supposed to be hanging around with the jocks and the elites, but who instead falls in love with one of an overweight otaku. He’s NOT a sweaty fat disgusting pig, okay, simply a kind but overweight person, shy and lacking self-confidence.

That’s a nice vanilla share, and the girl’s tanned body is really nice :3 Thanks a lot to Werdelke, Palaxius and Freudia, from Team Koinaka ! ^_^

By Momonosuke, I also share The Moon And The Dancer, Natsu Hada, Aoi Tori Wa, Osana Na Najimi, Nadeshiko No Sodatekata and My Little Sister Got A Boyfriend.

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^ (33 MB, 21 pictures, English)

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Download links, Zip : Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3 – or – Mirror #4

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12 Comments on "Hekigan To Kinpatsu To Tanuki [English], by Momonosuke"

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He certainly had some balls groping her in her sleep, low self confidence or no.


Would've been better if Emily was the forgotten "childhood friend" but whatever…


All right!!! Another one for the big guys. Man she was HOT:p Thanks Oliver!!!


What happend to the font ? It's so small !

Oliver AKA The Admin


Badly closed html tag, my bad ^^


Still wonder why she likes raccoons….

Oliver AKA The Admin



What's that song by AC/DC? Oh Yeah, Big Balls!!!


Oh my gods, I hadn't thought of that. But my logical brain is yelling at me that can't be right. In Japanese folklore, "tanuki" are raccoon-like mythical animals with shapeshifting magic (Mario in SMB 3 didn't have a raccoon suit, it was a tanuki suit, and it could transform into a statue). And yes, they had huuuge balls.
But there's no animal like that in the Western world. So a foreigner shouldn't have made that connection….


Perhaps she did a little research before she came to Japan?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Even as a kid, if you've seen Ghibli movies, that's enough to know :3


Good stuff :D

As always i use the depositfiles link so you have some bonus Oliver-san!

Thanks as always!!

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