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Kancho [English], by Chobipero

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I should teach that trick to my younger son

« Leave everything to me, I’m a butt expert ! »
And so, the father of a little demon who just kancho’ed his sexy female daycare employee, gets to “treat” the butt of this poor woman needing to be comforted, and later she even comes back for more, with a good ending for everyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seriously, I laughed hard during all the first half of Kancho ^_^
And, see, let’s have a positive outlook on the whiteout censorship of death (first half is anal, second half is vaginal, FYI), you can imagine it’s either anal or vaginal sex, as you like, isn’t it awesome ? :D

Credits for this weird release are for Anonymous, Afro Thunda from Afthscans, and CellTF (again ! HE IS UNSTOPPABLE ! Nohomo : we love you, man), thank you very much ! :)

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And I imagine it’s a good thing that airhead is “booked” by the father, however douchey he is, that woman can’t be left alone, she’s unable to defend herself at all ^^;;

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14 Comments on "Kancho [English], by Chobipero"

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Great and funny share ty Oli

Oliver AKA The Admin


Dream Shark

Good teacher, marvelous ass! XD


Though I'm usually going "whatever" with a lot of Japanese fetishes, this one actually struck me as weirder than most, and quite possibly highly illegal.
Sticking your fingers in the butt of an unsuspecting random woman passing by, that goes straight into anal rape territory. And this is passed off as a little kid's "prank"? Um, how about no.

Naruki: Daddy, how did you get mom to marry you?
Naruki's dad: Well, son, I fucked her and played with her ass until she gave in.

Art is nice, but the story doesn't do it for me. -_-

Oliver AKA The Admin

On this, Mousse, it seems you weren't exposed to enough mangas (not even the hentai ones), Kancho is a very common practice in these.

General Hentai

Mousse9: Kancho is a very common school prank in Japan.

Kancho is performed by boys on boys, by girls on boys, and by students on teachers. Google, you will learn. I remember it being a subject of a blog written by an American teacher (male) in Japan.

And, yes, this would result in all kinds of shit coming down in the West. People continue to underestimate the cultural differences that still exist on our web-connected planet.

General Hentai

Oh, and I meant girls on girls. It generally doesn't have sexual overtones (for the Japanese) as it is usually a pre-puberty prank between children. Here we deal with the affect of the prank on an adult. Given societal views on the anus, many women don't realize how good anal sex can be, so this scenario, played for humor isn't as far-fetched as it would seem. Not every woman is going to be into anal sex, but for some women, and I'm speaking from personal experience, it can result in the most intense orgasms they've ever had. And women will usually want to see a good lover again, so, taking away the absurdity, this scenario (at least the underlying basics) isn't as far-fetched as you might think.


Kakashi's One Thousand Years of Death on Naruto.


Now that's a real assman!!!:p


You've had quite a few Wani mag releases posted recently. Any chance you considering continuing Straight Line to Love as well? It be to bad to just have it abandoned like that.


Even censored this story was hot.

Got me thinking of a hell for censors and what that'd be like. An eternity of books filled with crotches and the censor pen/brush is always out of ink.

Thanks for the share.


Another new one!

Good stuff Oliver-san!!!