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MIGD-569, the debut JAV by the female hentai mangaka Kaitou Pink — Yeah, no kidding, a female hentai manga starring in a porn video :3

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This really is the closing of the circle. And a powerfully thrilling idea ! O_O

The female hentai mangaka Kaitou Pink decided to star in JAV productions :twisted:
Let’s begin with her first video ! 8)

After yesterday and my amazement at how CUTE the female hentai mangaka Yuzuki N Dash was in real life, discussion in the blog’s comments started going crazy, and, somehow, we reached the closing of a circle, with revelations about the female hentai mangaka Kaitou Pink.
In these comments, a kind guy called HypnoPhag (thank you, man !) mentioned how Kaitou Pink started acting in JAVs, and enough hyperlinks and keywords were provided, until I needed to share something this evening :3

(By Kaitou Pink, I also share a pack, another pack, and another JAV with her)

– Yes, Kaitou Pink is a woman drawing hentai mangakas
– Yes, she’s quite cute
– Yes, she enjoys porn vids and may watch them for a long time before starting drawing hentai
– And, YESSSSS she’s starring in porn videos :twisted:

The present file, “MIGD-569”, is her debut video. We can see her drawing hentai, she’s interviewed during a long time (HypnoPhag explained in greater lengths everything she said here), and then, blam! it’s time for sex :3

Download links :
mirror #1mirror #2mirror #3 – mirror #4

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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20 Comments on "MIGD-569, the debut JAV by the female hentai mangaka Kaitou Pink — Yeah, no kidding, a female hentai manga starring in a porn video :3"

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For some reason, the Shakespear was a front myth pops into my head olo


It is a shame that a good manga-ka has to resort to taking a second job being a porn star just to pay the bills huh?

Oliver AKA The Admin

It's only a shame if you view this as dishonorable. How to say… it's in your eyes, not in her. Must you create two categories of people, the rightful and the scum ?


Plus I never said a mangaka doing porn was dishonorable, you brought the word of dishonor up. I think it is an honorable thing, she is taking her art to a whole new level compared to other mangaka, I don't see how that is dishonorable.

If I have to explain myself you have to stop drinking your beer.


Way to white knight on the internet Oliver.


What if she's genuinely interested in doing porn for fun/experience.


Most of society looks down upon the porn stars because well, society looks down upon the promiscuous and especially the whores(Sex for money)

To most, porn is scum


To be honest, the only disappointing thing is that her face in the cover and the screenshot from the movie are totally different.. well most JAV cover are like that anyway..


Now this is some Godlike stuff :)

Thanks Oliver-san!


usually is, not just jav but most covers. and when watching you get a bit disappointed. but shes quite cute anyway but not as nice as the cover of course.
i don't mind girls doing porn as long shes treated well and she feels ok doing it. if shes a mangaka then maybe this could be inspiration for her! :D


Yo Dawg!
Heard you like hentai and porn
So we put a hentai mangaka in your porn
So you can watch hentai while you watch porn


thank you oliver


thnxx for sharing Oliver Senpai luvv uu <3


For once, I got intrested in the watching an AV without skipping the intro lol.
Got really into watching the doujin work she was doing. tbh, neverless the AV was entertaining, shame she has to get into doing it.. it might up being a new trend.


any chance you could encode it to much smaller size?


Perhaps she don't know how to choose between the fantasy world (her h-manga) and the real one (this new "work"). On the other hand, it'd great if her story/art will achieve new improvement in the future..


She goes by the name Yoshiguchi Rina in JAV, heres a list of her films so far:

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oh god yes

(your comment was in the spam folder, I just approved it. Sorry if it may have been spamboxed for a while – honestly, no idea -, I'm having too much to handle correctly since two days)


Just watched her lesbian vid, which is hot as hell.

A non ymous

All links dead, and I cannot use any torrent at all on my computers

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