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Benten Kairaku 24 Nami Nori Kame [English], a cross-over between One Piece and Dragon Ball, by Kairanban

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Yes. Nami, from One piece, throwing a Kamehameha. HAH ! Eichiro Oda didn't think of it.

What. The. Hell.
This share has crappy drawings and a story line that’s so bad I’m already forgetting details about it.
There’s only one good thing about it, its conclusion, bringing the whole annoying Doflamingo arc in One Piece to a highly unexpected close, as can see above :3

As for the story ? Nami, from One Piece, visits Kame Sennin, from Dragon Ball, in order to receive training. She’ll have vaginal and anal training, and actual training too at some point, apparently ^^;;
I don’t encourage you to download it, not with art that poor. But maybe at least the Kamehameha picture will have given you a smile.
If you smiled, I’m glad, that will have been enough =)
And thanks to Hentaidarking and Fated Circle for this release ! :)

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10 Comments on "Benten Kairaku 24 Nami Nori Kame [English], a cross-over between One Piece and Dragon Ball, by Kairanban"

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To think that a Brazilian guy would finance a doujin e_e….

Oliver AKA The Admin

Brazil is cool ^^ There are cool people in the comments on Hentairules that are from there.

But how can you tell this is a Brazilian guy anyway ?


Why does anime hentai always have to be drawn so bad? I would love to see Nami and Robin an other hot chicks in a good story with great art.. Seems to be impossible -_-


"What. The. Hell." → That was my reaction too, when I saw the pict. :D

Well, I'm not especially tempted to read it, but at least it made me smile !

Oliver AKA The Admin



Oh, I gottchyer Kamehameha rightcheer…….


Depositfile and Filefactory links no longer available

Oliver AKA The Admin

It'll be back in one minute :)




Thx Oliver

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