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Good At Pleading [English], by Higenamuchi

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Regrettably, stuff like that only happens in the hentai world. Daaaaaaaaamn ;)

The heroine is radiating a very unusual mix of self-confidence, altruism and brutal raw lust O.o
I’m not complaining, I’m whooping deep inside, that was awesome, such a cutie chosing a sugar daddy not just for money but because he obviously needed soothing, and sex, and a boost in his life :shock:

I’ve said enough, see for yourselves, and ENJOY the good stuff ^_^
Desudesu is behind this release, thank you very much :)
I share other works by Higenamuchi, they’re all repacked here.

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If you wonder about the weird credits picture in the end, I believe that’s because this share belongs to (as in : is a chapter of) a tankoubon, and various parts of this volume have already been translated. Not all, visibly. I can tell you, I’ll be SUPER GLAD the day I can share the complete repack, when every remaining bit (no idea about their number) is translated :twisted:

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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11 Comments on "Good At Pleading [English], by Higenamuchi"

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Ser Maggot

"If you wonder about the weird credits picture in the end, I believe that’s because this share belongs to (as in : is a chapter of) a tankoubon, and various parts of this volume have already been translated."

I got lazy in creating a new credit page for this release and slapped the old one. Just one more chapter until this tank is complete (which will be translated, eventually).

Also, shout-out to Flammz for helping me on this one. He commissioned the rest of the script. :)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Haaa, now tha'ts making sense, and bearing great promise :3

Thank you Ser ^_^

PS : regarding the Konchiki script, all's OK for you ?

Ser Maggot

Yup, Mederic contacted me earlier. Thanks for telling him. I'm just finishing backlogs before I begin on Konchiki.


I don't quite get why, but the ending tore at my heart somehow… adorably pitiful? Pitifully adorable? Poor "Mister" is gonna get a lot more involved than he planned, I feel ^_^

Oliver AKA The Admin

Why would you call that sad ?

That girl was like a little gentle angel, providing her goodness where she felt she had a chance to provide it with a flutter of her wings, and as a side bonus there was her giant teddy bear…

That was poetic, but not sad, in my eyes :)


Yeah, as I said, I don't quite get it myself, but I can't shake that feeling. It's like, she isn't even aware that she's being "selfless", just being kind because that's her nature – and that's adorable, for sure, but I also get this slightly sad feeling that she won't be able to take care of herself if she keeps up like this.

"Mister" to the rescue, mayhaps?


I just feel the same way.

That may be me, but I'm kinda uncomfortable with that situation, all in all that really is prostitution. It's nice she hasn't chosen some sort of fatass middle-aged real bastard salary-man (dunno if that even means something, I'm still in trouble when it comes to placing adjectives in english), otherwise I wouldn't even have read it, but sure as hell she will if she keeps on that litlle game. And she just looks so cute and adorable in the end, it's a heartbreak to see her indulging in sex so shamelessly.

Aaah, 'nuff said. That's just a damn run-of-the-mill hentai, what do I freaking care ?!


I guess the best way to desribe it is that by setting her standards so low, she is kinda implying that she feels like she is worthless. She thinks so little of herself and her body, that she is willing to sell herself for $20. Even if it is meant to be funny (oh ho, this stupid girl is having sex for 20 dollars!), it still feels wrong, like you are taking advantage of a child with a poor sense of self esteem or something.


Looks nice :)

Thanks for the share as Always Oliver-san!

invisible man

i think this one deserves a 2nd chapter.. don't you agree?


I agree. If there is one I hope it would have a happy ending for the girl.