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Tsuma Toiu Sekai [English], by Sabusuka

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I'll be frank, I cropped that picture at just the right height to hide the whiteout censorship below.

Netorare X Gender Bender.

By the same artist, I also share Miss Sonomura And The Education Of The Newcomer and Kuzumi SOS 1.

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6 Comments on "Tsuma Toiu Sekai [English], by Sabusuka"

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At first, i was dissapointed with this. Then as the story progressed, i was confused, and dissapointed.

When i got to the end, i had to sit emotionless for 5 minutes to try and compute what the fuck happened, and how i should feel. And i still have yet to come to a conclusion. :/


Add in some yandere style femdom and we will have a perfect WTF storm.


My reading experience:

– The part where he catches his wife cheating but only pulls his dick out to jerk off
me: Sigh *facepalms in disappointment*; Seriously, what's with that dude?

– The body switching induced by some dubious drug, taken separately by each of them without any contact/DNA exchange whatsoever
me: Yeeeah, right. Uh-huh *facepalms hard*; Even suspension of disbelief has its limits

– The part where he totally gives in to the cock of the guy his wife has been cheating with all this time; accepting the advancements of his coworker
me: … *facepalm through the head*; The hell?! Are you kidding me?! Why not jump straight to the part where he happily gives birth to the child of the manager, living the rest of his life as his wife

Conclusion: I'm highly disappointed and will stay away from the continuation (as threatened at the last page) like the devil shuns holy water.

Oliver AKA The Admin

You're telling you'll stay away, Anon. Good for you.

But hear the words of a hentai lover who has been exposed to this kind of shit for too many years : in the end, you don't care anymore, your bullshit detector told you in advance to take out the shovel and bury your ability to suspend disbelief, and you read it with the mental image of yourself holding a basket of popcorn, simply laughing at how FUCKING STUPID AND RIDICULOUS it is.

You'll come to this, some day ;)


somehow i get the impression that its gonna turn out to have not been his wife at all but some other dude who also took the pills( that his wife somehow created) and he will end up either getting dumped over this or she takes an altered version that turns her in a man and they both go nuts with genderswaping , after his period of dick crazed sluttiness


Hmm lovely pic!

Thanks Oliver-san!

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