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One X Shosho [English], by Yoshida Inuhito

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This share will be a test of prowess: can you manage to enjoy hentai just for the drawings and discard WTF storylines ?

A super-horny perverted little stepbrother turns his boring plain and hard-working highschool sister into a penis-loving gyaru. In short. That was a huge WTF ^^;;
How could the girl let herself become perverted so easily, is the brother a puppetter, a douchebag or just a typical healthy Japanese boy (not), is it corruption, falling into depravity, or just opening oneself to sex… I honestly want to give up, tonight’s shares leave me confused :roll:
The dialogues were too rididulous for me to take it seriously, they were hentai quotes material on several occasions.

The drawings, at least, deserve a mention, they’re really good, hardcore, the sister is hot. I regretted she mated with shotas instead of adults (quite a waste of gyaru pussy, I say!) and one panel was so badly failed I laughed hard :lol:

I made some small retouchings, see here these beforeafter pictures.
That was a Happy Merchants release, my sincere thanks! :jap:

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I'm not sure it's all the little brothers fault for this WTF. The sister is a willing participant who WANTS to change into a slut. My only problem with the story is the brothers a little to shota for my tastes, therefore to creepy to fap to.

Kurzwaltz Messer
Kurzwaltz Messer

The brother had already broken her by the time the story started.

She's too timid and spineless to resist, and as she narrates, eventually drowns in the pleasure and excitement.

The "change your image in high school" theme reminds me of ShindoL's "Emergence".

As for being a gyaru, I'm glad she didn't become the bleached-blond, tanned type.

Dream Shark
Dream Shark