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Koi+Kan volume 6 [English], by Kikurage-Ya

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Hello HentaiRules! DeltaOblivion here! Yes, the Perverted-Cat-In-Heat is back and with 4 shares for you !

But first…let’s talk about my reception from my previous post. I was well receive by some and, dare I say it, some  of you said things that would offend anyone. But not me! XD Actually to a Perverted-Cat-In-Heat like me such things are considered high praise. I was overjoyed to know I did something wonderful not just for you, but for me too.

*Clearing Throat*

Moving on! Here’s the next chapter to the Koi+Kan series. Here Kujou-San is inflicted with deadly miasma and Kaminashi-Kun is going to purify her by absorbing it through his body.  All in all is still one worth to read. Many thanks to KFC Translations for another splendid job.

–Update: a more up to date repack is avaible here.

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In case you are wondering, my real life keeps me quite busy so I am unable to do a repack for this share and the same with Blade Play. Possibly Oliver will do it later on if he has the time. Enjoy!

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Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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8 Comments on "Koi+Kan volume 6 [English], by Kikurage-Ya"

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why are there only download links?

Oliver AKA The Admin

I didn't think of creating an account at my galleries for Delta O, in the beginning.
I sent him credentials a few hours ago, so I imagine you'll see the addition of galleries today or tomorrow :)


Could you do your magic and make a smaller version like the other chapters?


ok, cool. i usually just read 'em once or twice, and if i like it, i just right click+save the pics.


Now without further a do, the Picture Gallery for Koi+Kan 6 is now up and running!


love your nick, dickbutt ;)


Previous pack of the story is here: