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Tottemo Iitoko (“My Incredibly Good Cousin”) [English], by Takano Yuki

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I confirm that having sex in front of a mirror can be HYPER arousing. And then you'll remember there's a mirror of the proper size and location in your parent's bedroom.

Short version : a freshly adult girl, cheerful and proactive, wearing a nice jumper and hotpants, visits her slightly older male cousin, she teases him until he can’t resist anymore, and after the sex comes the premises of budding love. Awww, cute ?

Longer version, details whose existence I really regret I must mention : we learn quickly that the man has a fiancée, and yet he doesn’t stop his female cousin in her temptation attempts. It’s only after they’ve had sex that he reveals his fiancée broke the engagement and he’s single. The real question is, was all this allright, then ? Absolutely FUCKING NOT. The girl was OK with having sex with an engaged man; the man was OK with having sex with a girl who knew he was cheating on his fiancée. These are seriously bad premises for any long term relation, for Pete’s sake :(
It’s like Takano Yuki tried too hard and ruined his porn cake :-/

Credits are for Team.Comic ONE, Samwais, Von, and Freudia, JBK, J and Cadenza from Team Koinaka, thank you ! :)
By the same artist, I also share Transit + Otometic Overdrive in their blissfully uncensored version, Imouto Datte Yome Ni Naritai (91 pictures), Kokuhaku Ha Asoko No Okude, Otona No Anemone and Long Distance Relationship.

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Bonus: one internet cookie to whoever found the non-hidden reference to a Leo movie.

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9 Comments on "Tottemo Iitoko (“My Incredibly Good Cousin”) [English], by Takano Yuki"

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Just speculating that the aim of the manga artist (or his editor, publisher, etc.) might have been to string the reader along with the prospect of NTR (or any of its derivatives) … and then make it all "vanilla" by revealing at the last that the male protagonist is actually single and unattached.

Opinions may and probably will differ as to whether they succeeded. o.0

Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, by all means, these are INTENTIONS that matter, wouldn't you say ?

And in that regard, both male and female had sex with bad intentions. That can't bide well :/


Oliver's overall verdict for this one:

Seishiro Haga

He sold her for a tractor, life must be tough for a farmer.

Oliver AKA The Admin

It looked like a good tractor :D


Better than a Nice Boat . . . .


Beats an okonomiyaki cart.


my cousin once was incredibly good to me too