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Seifuku To Kanojo To (“Her And Her Uniform”) [English, 198 pictures], by Itaba Hiroshi

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The censorship ruins half of the fun, but facts are facts, the manga's really enjoyable :)

I had completely forgotten about the existence of that one :shock: It’s following a suggestion by Ehud that I’m sharing it, thank you, friend! :jap:

Here is a nice full tank, packed with happy sex :)
Mutual attraction becomes love, sex comes easily, grown-ups with maturity “simply” become lovers, at home, at work, during a festival, there are always reasons for couples to be formed, every chapter is a new story.
It’s always happy sex with mutual liking, sometimes with love, with rare comedy bits (it’s more of a slice of life thingy), and it’s never complicated. I’m not as thrilled as Ehud apparently, but I’d still recommend it to you guys, I hope you’ll enjoy it ;)

I retouched a little the images, to adjust/darken their levels, to improve the contrasts and get rid of the muddy grey impression, there wasn’t much “life” coming from the images, initially. That still can’t make up for the massive whiteout censorship (oddly sparing the pubes), it killed half of my potential fun :-/

For more, please Cf. the list of my Itaba Hiroshi shares

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(73 MB, 198 pictures, English)

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15 Comments on "Seifuku To Kanojo To (“Her And Her Uniform”) [English, 198 pictures], by Itaba Hiroshi"

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Billy Mays

Sweet, another work by Itabi Hiroshi which does NOT involve mindbreak/rape/NTR/sausagefests.

Today has been a good day.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I would tend to agree, yes ^_^


My old nemesis.. the white beam!! O.O

Oliver AKA The Admin

This wasn't even a lightsaber. At least, lightsabers are fun and can serve as joking material ^^


at least the "Vagina Kamehameha" is becoming less common.

Oliver AKA The Admin


Can you enlighten me, please, what is this kamehameha you're mentioning ?!? O_o

Squirting ?


By the Way Oliver i've never seen work of Anthology, not a big fan of Monster Girls? such as Lamia, arachne, Slim, Vampire, cat girls, Werewolf and such? ill admit its my favorite :D

Oliver AKA The Admin

I have shared once a monster girls korean series of pictures… or at least that's what I'm thinking, but when I searched it on hentairules somewhere around 2014, I wasn't able to find them, this was puzzling O_o

I remember it featured riding on a bicycle with the head of the headless female knight in the groceries basket, living with a lamia, taking baths with the slime girl but being careful not to stay too long to avoid being sucked, the spider woman going quiet in winter…

Would it be the same thing ?


sound like the old comics draw by okayado, which is japanese. Are you sure the originals are korean?


ya like Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou ?


One of my old time favorite artist :)

Thanks a bunch Oliver-san!!!


pretty sure this is available from project H if you want to show support to author you can buy legitimately


Yes it is. They have licensed a good many of Itaba's titles.

random ransom

Well, as every book from this publisher, massive censorship is a given. That is the reason I didn't pick up those titles from PROJECT-H.

Dream Shark

Good share! xD

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