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Irodori – Colorful Dreams [English, 198 pictures], by Ryohzoh

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That qualifies as delightful vanilla hentai :)

Another manga that I can share thanks to a recommendation by Ehud, thank you man! :D
I now understand why Ehud liked it, this manga is full to the brim with happy sex and love, heart-warming feelings within casual slice of life moments, it felt really good :)

The setup: young adults still in college or working in bands or acting, everyone is in the “culture” niche, music, acting, cartooning, shooting. Couples form, feelings are mutual, love blooms or is confirmed, with long-lasting perspectives, haaa =)
Graphically, though, that is hardly more than ecchi, don’t count on detailed genitalia, sorry about that! The girls are cute, blush a lot, have mature eyes, it was good without being exceptional.
(I slightly retouched the images, to correct the poor levels, nothing was really black, at best things were grey, that made the images look lifeless.)

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9 Comments on "Irodori – Colorful Dreams [English, 198 pictures], by Ryohzoh"

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Is this a fan translation or scans used from Project H's digital release? Either way, I can't find this on g.e.hentai.


It should be the Project H release, meaning you can buy it, digital version from or the physical book from Project H site. I'm too lazy to search direct links. Ehentai doesn't allow them to be posted anymore.


Many thanx Oliver.


Poor Captain, Helping everyone and finishing alone.

But thanx for the vanilla share.


I had that same thought too. I seriously thought it was the Cap's turn when writer-girl was introduced, but then she was already living with her boyfriend. I'm feeling bad for him, really. Would be nice to have an extra where he does find love.


is there a larger resolution to this? the text on the notice board is quite hard to read (more like barely readable). and it is quite important to the end plot of that chapter too (the notice). just my 2cent though.

page/pic 50. chapter 2


Another new freaking artist for me, and this looks nice as hell :D

Thanks a bunch Oliver-san!!


Scratch that, not a new artist for me(Have Love & Like) but still amazing artist i must say :)


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When did this come out?

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