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Sonna Aki Nanode [English], by Kerorin

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At first you think the characters are idiots, and then you love them. Or you fap. Or both!

Haaa ! The bursts of laughter, the smiles, the surprises, the multiple plot twists! :D
There is MUCH MORE than sex with mutual liking to this story. Comedy, feelings, u-turns, I’m confident there’s a super strong chance you’ll enjoy it !! ^_^

I won’t say no more, and thank you so much to Noraneko and JBK :)
By the same artist, I also share Dead Poets Society, a repack of 4 works, Oshiete Mizuki-sensei, Tsunashima-kun and Ookura Sensei, Shiawasesou No Yasashii Yuurei (“Gentle Ghost of the Manor of Happiness”), Pink Trash chapter 2 followed by Takuhaibin Wa Nido Bell O Narasu (“The Mailman Rings Twice”), and, inside the outdated version of another post, the complete Japanese Pink Trash manga.

At first I was angry at both of the characters, for various reasons, but gradually, anger faded away and human warmth, and understanding, took anger’s place…
I hope that will “work” like that for you too :)

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14 Comments on "Sonna Aki Nanode [English], by Kerorin"

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hmmm Facial expression felt lacking in this one..-_-


Well, ….. That Was IN-teresting. :S


I'm not sure what to say about this one. It was funny but kind of sad at the same time. I really felt for the woman and her child. I also wanted to take a baseball bat to her ex-husband for treating her like that. The sex was good and boobs were even better. The woman found a new guy and the guy found a new job. Life is good:p

Oliver AKA The Admin

That's one of the things I prefer about hentai, when sex and feelings "repair" broken humans.


Another Kerorin! :D

But Oliver, speaking of the Pink Trash manga, a lot of the other Kerorin manga you shared seems to belong to Pink Trash, and they're translated. I haven't really checked, but I thought that makes most if not the whole tank translated already?

Kurzwaltz Messer

It's not yet completely translated. There's still the two-chapter arc of the glasses-guy who also attends the class reunion in "Tsunashima-kun and Ookura Sensei".
It's the guy whose cellphone gets passed around: <a href=" _www.hentairules.net_08_122_363lo.jpg” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>_www.hentairules.net_08_122_363lo.jpg

Kurzwaltz Messer

That url got mangled pretty badly. Let me try again:

Oliver AKA The Admin

At least we know it's not going to take that longer, now :3


I have no idea if you’re going to read this O, but I have no idea where else to post this question other than on the most recent release by Kerorin, so here goes.

What would be be the best translation team to contact if I was to go about getting the entire Kerorin catalogue translated? Keep in mind so far I’ve found four tanks;
Ai da Koi dano Ittenaide, Shiawasesou no Yasashii Koibito, Pink Trash, and Love Fool

I personally think its a damn shame so much of his stuff just sits there untranslated, and I figured its about damn time I give back to the community. I personally can think of no other artist (and keep in mind this is just my opinion) that fits your criteria so well and gets so little love on the translation end.

So, any leads on who to ask first? Maybe someone who has already done a bunch of previous Kerorin works? Or is their someone who is already at work at this kind project but Ive never heard of it cause their keeping it under hush? Or is it just impossible because of dmca and take down due to publishers on most of Kerorin’s works?

I’d appreciate any info you could give me O.


shiomaneki’s kouzen waisetsu kanojo is out, hope you can realease a light version soon :D

Oliver AKA The Admin

It will only weight 69 MB and will have better, retouched images ;)


i love you, man :3

Oliver AKA The Admin

Nohomo ?

Dream Shark

Really funny, indeed! ^^