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Pantiless Princess [English], by Chobipero

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As shall many, dear.

Hentai world : I showed you something embarrassing about me! Let’s make things even, show me your embarrassing sides… your genitalia, for instance!
Real world : ew, you freak, go away!
… come one, won’t anyone have a portal for the hentai world ? :D

Just a tad more seriously, Pantiless Princess is a pleasant story, in which a young man and woman finally find a working excuse to become lovers.
There are kind words, adorable blushing, There are no expressions of love so I can’t call it Vanilla, but it felt very close, and a real pleasure to read already =)
Thanks a whole lot to Ark, Captain Crunch, Grayson and CellTF, from LewdWaniBootleggers! :)

By the same artist, I also share Kancho.

I was forgetting : to be fair, the censorship is murder. But, come on, try reading it, it’s good =)

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9 Comments on "Pantiless Princess [English], by Chobipero"

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That last panel. O_____________O


I came too!!! Who has a cigarette?


Page 13 – "You need to be punished." ….. THIS … Is … PUNISHMENT? o.0

Notwithstanding, still a good one.


This was amazing, the girl was so meek at first but so damn sexy later… :9 anyway Oliver there are other works by Chobipero that you could share: and These are yuri and there is a vanilla one too translated by Flatopia:… all nice stories. :)


Pretty simple story but that last page O.O, it was so gorgeous that I had to store it in my pictures folder which I rarely do for hentai images.


IF I can find the "raw" version of the last image, one hentai-based motivational poster coming right up (uh, strange choice of words there). ;)


Torn pantyhose and sloppy sex.

I like all nude action, but this was ok.

Thanks for the post.


This has one short addition Pantiless Princess Plus:

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