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Seitenkango. Shinyuu to [English, 581 pictures] by Eroe

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YO! DeltaOblivon’s back and with a new share for you. Sorry for being away for awhile, but my day job had me in a tight spot. My boss can some times be a hard-ass, but there are times where we have a fun time: like me kicking her ass in Mortal Kombat X by beating her 10 times in a row and Platinum the game before her just to get a nice extra time extension for my project. XD

Well enough of my junk, let get on with the share. the story starts with two best friends living their lives as usual: going to school, get in fights and getting home feeling mighty good about themselves. That changes when one of them is inflicted with a disease called “Acute Feminization” which is a gender bender type of disease and as the story progresses they both start to learn about how is affecting their friendship and changes their priorities. Still it’s a nice read with a happy sex and all. Pretty vanilla to me IMAO. Many thanks to Ser Maggot, Urgil Bougie, Ironbottom, sgcdonmai, Dammon, VVayfarer and cockmaster69 for this magnificent story. Enjoy!

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Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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11 Comments on "Seitenkango. Shinyuu to [English, 581 pictures] by Eroe"

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Thanks for the post.

But no uploaded mirror?


Ran into a little snag there while uploading it to Uploaded. Just like what happened with Oliver when you download something there saying it had a virus. So I stop trying to fix it and quit. But don't worry, the next share I'll post an Uploaded Mirror. That is if it lets me.


Intriguing indeed. Surprisingly well done, from a psychological perspective.

Beat your boss some more so you can post more stuff!~


Sure thing. Since I got an extra extension for my project, she wants me to check Arkham Knight and if I Platinum or 100% the game in 2 weeks time, I get another bonus extension as long as I leave a detailed report on her desk.


I thought about suggesting this one to Oliver, but I wasn't sure how much he would like it. Thanks a lot DeltaOblivion for taking the time/effort to share it here.


You are welcome.:) The moment I read it, I knew that it's a story that needed to be share. Of course there still the extra chapter that is still untranslated, but the moment it becomes available I'll share it right away.


there are still extra chapters? I want to read so bad


Agreed! Surprisingly good story actually… Would love to see more…


From the description/synopsis, this looks IN-teresting. Will at least try viewing online and, if I like enough of it, hit the D/L link.


counldn’t fap to this as my dick was confused the whole time till maybe until the end. However, this story was really thought envoking. Part of the theme seemed to be that sexuality may not be as clear cut as most people make it out to be. I wonder what would have happened if the guy turned back into a guy at the end (though I prefer the current ending).

Reminds me of another non hentai LN called daybreak on hyperion where one of the lead characters get transported to another world but gets turned into a woman in the process.

Stalker Fairy


The…story development is actually quite good; the ending gave me a really fuwafuwa feeling
I mean, this image is really sweet:…

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