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Gakuran Danso Musume no Gakusei Seikatsu [English] by Eroe

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Hey-o! DeltaOblivion again and in record time! I usually take a few days to check and coordinate with Oliver on shares…actually most of my shares are oldies that flew under his radar. No offense Oliver. Still this share is another nice story from Eroe. This time it’s about a girl with “Certain Reasons” is entering a boys’ only school. For the wrong reasons IMAO, which it usually are. During her 26 days posing as a boy, she makes a friend and as time goes by they become best friends, only after a month he finds out the truth…I really want to say more, but honestly I would be spoiling it for you. Honestly I always read the last page before starting to read the whole thing. Unlike my last share, this one is rather short, but what it lacks on length makes up for it for how cute the story is. FYI My previous share and this one are the only translated works of Eroe and I believe his stories are pure gold. Many thanks to kaomaru and the great folks at Danbooru for this story. Enjoy!

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4 Comments on "Gakuran Danso Musume no Gakusei Seikatsu [English] by Eroe"

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Such a cute story, Eroe certainly seems like a guy worth following. Is been a while since I saw so heartwarming and straight forward stories


Hm, it kinda reads like a test version of the rather-similarily-themed, and in my opinion better, Seitenkango by the same artist.

Really looking forwards to more stuff from this Eroe person(s?)!


The "D'AWWW" is strong with this one.

Dream Shark

Good share, Delta! :)

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