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Cake Girl – Berry Sauce Zoe [English], by Kurokawa Otogi

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Not my exact fetish, but I'm ready to make an effort :D

That girl is taking the “eat me!” idea a bit too litterally ^^ In short, this share’s heroine has a fetish on people eating the pastry she cooked, for her it feels as she’s banged while boys feast on her cakes. Eventually, a boy gets intimate with her, and then it’s time for sex with the same cooking fetish.
I skipped the part where the boys pours cream on his dick and only kept the good parts in my memory ^^;; I wish I could also forget the blur-mosaics censorship from hell, argh, but no can do.

For this original release, thanks a lot to Axalon, Wavedash, KirbyDances, Psyburn21 and MrWayne, from Team Vanilla, and to their commissioner, CellTF! :)

By the same artist, I also share Ahukeki No Izumi.

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11 Comments on "Cake Girl – Berry Sauce Zoe [English], by Kurokawa Otogi"

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Similar to the "HentaiBurger" from Tachibana Omina's "Boy Meets Harem":

FDA-Approved? Very Unlikely. o.0
T&A-Approved? <Bleep> YEAH! B)


Suggested Tag: OM NOM NOM


Gallery only contains one pic.


ah my bad, its just changed.

Oliver AKA The Admin

… what ? O_o

I didn’t change the gallery at all, was it showing you only one picture, really ?!?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah, no, wait, I think I see the problem. I made a mistake and uploaded the gallery as a sub-gallery. See the idea ? First you open the gallery, it only shows one picture, which leads to the real whole gallery!

My mistake, I'll update the link to open the sub-gallery at once.


Somebody UNCENSOR this! >:D

Oliver AKA The Admin

Barako, this would require to be able to FULLY redrawn, from scratch, male and female genitalia. This is almost an impossible task, so I believe you should, sadly, give up on that dream :(

(yeah, fucking censorship!!)


New artist for me! So many ooze XD

Thanks for this Oliver-san!!


Vanilla enough? Or too chocolate?


Piece of ass, piece of cake.

Either way it's satisfying for the ravenous.

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