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Escape [English], by Shibasaki Syouzi

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Adorable, heart-warming... Awww =)

Two highschoolers elope for a winter’s day, far from school, responsibilities and pressure, and they finish their day in a love hotel. There was a heart-warming feeling to this story, it felt natural, “human”, “real”, it wasn’t just about sex, it was about finding warmth and solace in each other’s body contact… Haa =)
The art reminded me of the artist Napata, this ingenuousness in the face, and this innocent sexuality in which there is nothing dirty or unnatural about enjoying sex… I whole-heartedly invite you to discover, and enjoy, this adorable hentai share, thank you so much, NecroManCr!! :)

By the same artist, I also share Anata Dakara.

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7 Comments on "Escape [English], by Shibasaki Syouzi"

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The Vanilla is very strong with this and NecroManCr's selection of stories to translate continues to be stellar. I'm not familar with this artist, but I will be keeping my eyes out for future offerings.


No, not Napata. This one reminds me of Naruko Hanaharu.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Eh ?

What is it, that makes you think of Naruco Hanaharu ? O.o


Teenage love is the best!!! So innocent and pure. Then they get a taste of sex and everything else goes out the window with bath water:p


The faces on page 5 (specifically top left) could have been straight out of Naruco Hanaharu.

Napata draws smaller, but sharper features. Naruco draws rounder, more expressive faces.

But so what? It’s a great vanilla story, with art that reminds us of two great hentai artists. Win-win.

Kurzwaltz Messer

I agree with this.

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