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Air H chapters 1-4 + Epilogue [English, 153 pictures], by Sabusuka

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Glasses + pigtails + intense eyes = WIN

Here comes a genuine piece of What . The . Holy . Flying . Fuck . Hentai :shock: , something pleasant and original, worth sharing, in other words, I hope it can please a good number of you guys :)
With many thanks to Mangahiru and Saha, allow me to share the complete story arc of Air H, in which a male highschooler becomes invisible and stops entirely being seen, noticed, heard or felt by his fellow schoolmates. No dark magic here, he always had a remote, secluded attitude, until the WTF moment when his presence became unnoticeable. Simply “because hentai”, he is able to stroll the class naked, fap in the face of the girls, penetrate whichever pussy he wants, nobody notices, even the girls simply feel they’re being greatly pleasured without knowing how or why :roll: :D

Let’s dig deeper, this is both exhilerating (freedom! Pussies! Pranks!) and terrifying (the fear and lamentation of true solitude). Fear not, male hero-kun will find a girl is in the same situation, and the ending will be extremely worthy =)

By the same artist, I also share Miss Sonomura And The Education Of The Newcomer, Tsuma Toiu Sekai and Kuzumi SOS 1.
Plus a spin-off from the present share in Ninshiki Sarenai SEX Zanmai Na Hibi!!

I’ll insist again about it, but, really…
At first, I only saw the WTF. Then the exhilerating part. And then, when I realized how miserable the male hero was… that struck me like an iron pipe behind the head… I say, that’s good storywriting. Hats off, that forced my respect, for a manga to which I wouldn’t have thought I’d have to pay my respects.

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12 Comments on "Air H chapters 1-4 + Epilogue [English, 153 pictures], by Sabusuka"

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Where is the depositfiles link?


Zip mirror 2 not connected

Oliver AKA The Admin

A mistake of mine, they were on the wrong texts. Fixed, sorry about that :)


Just a reminder that this is not a completed tank.

Oliver AKA The Admin


Only 153 pages (not enough for a tank) and, as I wrote, "the complete story arc of Air H".


I can't quite explain why, but… somehow this made me smile really warmly. A deeper smile than for your usual waff.

The Cold One

that got really cute at the end


It's kinda weird how much you praised this comic when the second chapter contains some pretty egregious NTR (for the record, I don't like NTR that much either but it didn't hit me like it normally does in other comics).


Would it really be NTR if the girl in question isn't aware of it at all? (IMO, NTR is far more mindbreak and humiliation of the boyfriend.) And yes, I'm aware of the fact that this is rape instead. Invisible guy has been molesting a LOT of girls…


Almost forgot to get this.

Thanks Oliver-san!!

Dream Shark

Intriguing story, nice. ;)


So many tropes, so little time…

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