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Nikuyoku Rensa – NTR Kanojo (“Chains of Lust – NTR Girlfriend”) [English, 229 pictures], by Yuiga Naoha

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I'm rejoicing because there were three great chapters. It's already a win, with this artist =)

That manga came as a surprise. I really didn’t imagine it would contain three extremely gratifying chapters for a hopeless vanilla sucker like me (starting page 143, a candid and earnest tanned country girl falling in love and healing a wounded urban boy’s heart; a girl growing into a fine adult and finally successfully conveying her love, two sisters sharing a telepathic link even during sex).
As for the rest of the volume, be warned or be glad, this was is depressing. In two stories, a large story arc and a separate story, the sex comes without any feeling, at best it’s about satisfying our lowly instincts like animals, at worst it’s a tool to dominate and consume – meh.

The art, though, is really good. Nothing amateurish, polished talent, Tosh-like curves, beautiful hair and faces, and not too much censorship =)

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Seinaru Manabiya No Sono De (200 pages), Shitaku Te Tamaranai and Aoi Hitomi No Shoujo First Night.

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The zip shrunk from 316 MB to 83 MB.
Personally, I prefer it for reading, it takes less disk space, and it’s the version I used for the preview pics.
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20 Comments on "Nikuyoku Rensa – NTR Kanojo (“Chains of Lust – NTR Girlfriend”) [English, 229 pictures], by Yuiga Naoha"

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The link to the third other manga is not there

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oops ?


Edit : indeed!

Thank you Kcz117 ! :)


just to ask what pages (start to finish) are the "good" part (the vanilla bits) if anyone doesn't mind^^

Oliver AKA The Admin

Check my description, Zero ^^

Starting page 143 :)


oops my bad^^|| altho, whats the to the end of that or is the rest of it vanilla goodness? :3


I agree with you on pages #143 to almost the end but the rest of the stuff was a WTF moment!!! Great art work but WOW!!!


To be honest, it does not bring with it the depressing NTR feeling… more like, men getting fucked to dead by girls (both the good guy and the bad guy in the main arc), getting used (one smaller arc) and the MC jump ship too fast leaving no time to grieve or such, heck he even let the girl being banged to banged the girl of his asshole brother @@ but like you said Oliver, no love sex.


That arc started decently with the two characters getting lovey dovey, then the a-hole bro steps in and everything just flat-lined. It was a shame too since I liked the art and I had started liking girl 1


Holy crap. I've been 5+ pages behind for almost two weeks now, JUST caught up to the main page. Didn't think I'd ever be here again.


Finally done with finals! Kinda disappointed in the JPN Final, since i kinda struggled and i know i can do better than that. I'll pass no problems, but i kinda wish i did better. Definitely practice rigorously this summer :)

So i don't know which Game i should play after some hiatus(Dark Souls II, The Evil Within PS4 etc), but i'll be watching tons of Anime and catch up for sure ^^

Maybe i should also play some Ground Zeroes as we move closer to The Phantom Pain XD

This came to right time! Needed some reliever :) Don't care if it's NTR. Anything is good for now XD

Thanks again for the amazing share Oliver-san!

Oliver AKA The Admin

I hope those finals weren't too hellsigh for you, AngeCross, even if you didn't ace Japanese :)

And now, RELIEVING TIME, lol, enjoy ^^

Kurzwaltz Messer

The ugly taste of NTR quickly gives way to the WTF of the situation.
Death by Snu snu? Really?

What I don't understand is why Risa is taking the pill as well. Is it to kill Mitsuru for revenge (she blames him for bringing the girl that led to his brother's death) or is she just like Karen, who simply wants more pleasure?


Hello Oliver! Been a while since i posted here. I was wondering if you can refresh my mind: in your big database you had a manga of a big sister (I think) that comes from her home to visit her brother that lives alone, she finds his room is a mess and she is cleaning the room while her brother is shopping, then she finds in a drawer some sex toys that her brother buys and collects, her brother returns and finds her with the sex toys, sex follows and happy end I think, do you remember what manga is? I'm asking you because my portable HDD were I stored a good amount of hentai mangas I downloaded from your site gone kaput, so please, if you remember tell me! And thanks for all the shares so far! This is the best site for H-Manga!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hmm… I'm sorry, but I know I shared something like that, however I'm unable to remember anything about it, not even a usable keyword :(


OK, don't worry to much, I know I was asking something difficult, but I'll keep an eye on all the shares; anyways, thank you very much, I'm very grateful for your help. See you !


I absolutely love ntr mangas where the female retains her mind (that is NO mindbreak) although the female is totally converted to n animal who only cant live without rutting


@Oliver: It seems like in Hental rural villages, WTF and bullshit ancient laws is persistent… and the hentai's Japanese goverment has no idea about that…

I demand a Stalinist totalitarian regime B)


Personally I think it's Risa taking the pill at the end. Towards the end, she's sweating a lot, and seems very dependent on Mitsuru. He says, "We should stop here, your body can't handle it", then she holds up the pill, and basically says she wants to keep going when he's already out of the room. Mitsuru can clearly still go, and isn't even tired. He stopped because her body can't go on. Maybe she took the pill so she can continue regardless, because I'm not sure how she could have possibly slipped him a pill otherwise. He wasn't tired (so didn't need water like Karen's trick used), and he would have noticed the pill being forced in his mouth. She can't teleport it inside of him either. Maybe his shocked face was him realizing why she was so tired, and kept wanting to continue anyway.

Meh, maybe that's just me hoping for some sort of happy ending, lol.


I think you're on to something here. If she gave it to him I think he would be an out of control sex maniac like his idiot brother turned into. Time to get her to the hospital and get her off the drug before it does permit damage to her body or ends up killing herself. I don't think they ever did say what happened to Karen after she killed his brother. Not sure if she went out looking for another victim or if she was put in jail or ended up dead. I like the happy ending to but I'm not sure on this one. :S

Oliver AKA The Admin

This story is deeper than it seemed O_o

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