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Usotsuki Douse Suru Kuseni [English], by Kikunosukemaru

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Never look down on foreplay, boys. It's thoroughly enjoyable, even as a male :)

It’s a win-win situation : a girlfriend is annoyed at her boyfriend, who always immediately jumps to penetration (and, it’s Japan, finishes in no time).
The boyfriend is annoyed too, he’s put on a penetration ban. He decides to “avenge” by teasing the girl for a very long time, until she is soaking wet, super aroused, and welcomes his dick like the best thing on Earth since internet porn. Congratulations, he just invented foreplay :D

Other than that, there is nice happy tsundere sex with mutual consent and mutual liking. However, I must warn you there is full whiteout censorship, and it killed, for me, most of the pleasure I would have had in reading the manga. I’m sharing it with hopes some of you guys will tolerate censorship better than me.
Credits are for JBK and Noraneko, thank you! ^_^

The “best thing on Earth since internet porn” written in my description, just above, is, obviously, my own interpretation. But, come on: you’ve watched more naked persons than the combined totality of your ancestors, isn’t internet awesome ? ;)

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Eh-heh-heh, ….. deep down inside: comment image


I've seen more dicks than probably all my ancestors back 2000 years lol


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more false words have never been spoken.

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