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Kakugo O Kimete [English], by Isako Rokuroh

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Wish things like that could happen in the real world.

I think we all know the old warning, this time the girl looked close to the limit, but I think she was still on the OK side of things, she just had an unusual approach to make the boy she liked her boyfriend. You see, in the present story, while talking ero topics, the girl confessed to the male classmate she liked that, yes, she was masturbating, and why wouldn’t he come to her home to watch how she’s doing it ? :shock: :D
At first she gives future boyfriend-kun a demo, and in the second half the boy, flushed and frustrated, shows her his dick is better ^^;;

The art was nice, not too censored, it was short but good enough :)
Credits are for a now deceased group, The Rabbit Reich. Anonygoo, its last active participant, picked this almost entirely finished project and gave it the finishing touches, thank you! :)

By the same artist, under the Isako Rokuroh and Finecraft69 pen names, I also share the uncensored versions of Love Key and Buruma GirlMy Head is Filled With Thoughts Of Mako-Chan, Let’s Have An Adventure, Good Wife and Sibling Lust (decensored by me ^^).

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6 Comments on "Kakugo O Kimete [English], by Isako Rokuroh"

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Short and "to the point" – sometimes it works just fine.


errrm. Let's Have and Adventure link seems to be blocked or not properly linked!

Oliver AKA The Admin

You're right.

The link was:

Thanks for pointing it out, Chris! ^_^


This had a good story but i felt like the art was rushed big time. Ive seen way better art from Isako Rokuroh A.k.A. finecraft69 so im wondering what happen. Well what ever im just happy we finally got a new story from him thats not completely fuck up (story wise) i mean the rare for him to have a vanilla or nice story. There usually a top of gang rape or bestiality stories :(


What a naughty little hottie!!! :p


yeah art felt very weak for a isako rokuroh release :(

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