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All right, tomorrow, I’m off, so that’s a goodbye for now :)

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I'm also leaving on an adventure. My own kind, with my wife and kids, to have some rest =)

I’m leaving for two weeks of holidays, I hope you’ll have a fine time while I am away ;)

I prepared a few posts in advance as of usual and I’ll periodically check for important emails (unless it’s to tell my server died and the website is offline, whatever I receive shall wait for my return at home, see the idea), so I’m leaving with no worries.

No worries, but, maybe, some regrets: I’m going away, leaving behind me a new theme on which I would have loved to work some more, it’s very interesting, and I commited some abominable horrors in the code (the kind of thing in which you edit an /includes/internal-function.php, something that even a child theme won’t take, argh), I’ll take with me the remorse I didn’t have time to search for more, say, “elegant” ways to achieve my ends :twisted:

Still, most of the new theme’s glitches are fixed, would you agree ? (please, lol)

Next, probably taking suggestions for a much larger and cooler new banner… Anyone’s up to it ? ^_^

I talk too much, sorry. I’ll end it here, while I’m having my only holidays of the year and forget about hentai, I hope you guys too have a wonderful time, try to disconnect for a while, see the people you love instead of cats and porn, and whatever you do, I hope you’ll have a pleasant time :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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15 Comments on "All right, tomorrow, I’m off, so that’s a goodbye for now :)"

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I just want to thank you for all your effort over these years Oliver. I think I found your site back in 2010 and things have never been the same. I find your shares utmost enjoyable, whether it be story or comedy or pure art, it's given me a new perspective on hentai. Here's to more years with this new layout! ^-^ Enjoy your holidays, from a big fan in Melbourne, Australia :)


Always blows my mind how much vacation people outside the US get. I get 40 hours of PTO a year, and that is both vacation and sick. Five days a year. Sucks


Bonnes vacances :)


Hey, Noah here. I helped you a while back with a wordpress issue. Let me know what your current list of issues are and I'll look them over sometime sunday and give you some solutions


Thanks Oliver you are awesome! Enjoy your hollydays


buone meritate vacanze Oliver


Have a nice vacation Oliver. We'll miss you (…shedding tears).


i am up for the banner updates if you want too.,

Dream Shark

"I'm also leaving on an adventure"

Love this GIF LOL!!!
Have an awesome holidays, Oliver! :) :D


Passe de bonnes vacances! :)


Thx you so much Oliver i'm now a regular visitor since 2011.^^ Have a nice and relaxing holiday.


Have a nice vacation, Oli-chan. See you when you get back and JUST DO IT. JUST FUCKING DO IT ALREADY. ME SO WANT NIPPLE CLAMPS. SUKY SUKY 5 DOWAH? ME SO WANT NIPPLE CLAMPS. ;~; I will never let this old joke die. Ever.


have a great time Oliver-san!
safe trip.

Maria Cadenzavna Eve

Man i thought you were leaving for good O___O

Anyways enjoy your vacation!! I remember you did the same a few years ago.

We'll catch up in a lot of new things here :)

Enjoy your Summer!


Thank you for this great website. The new layout is cool, but….
the search function in the upper right corner is quite fussy…
as in it is difficult to type in a search word. You have to position the mouse cursor just so, then move it to the pop-up entry point, but then it vanishes when you move there. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this problem or not. I liked the old search entry method that used a stationary box.
Enjoy your holiday. Hope you can address this when you return. Thx again.

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