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Momojiri Ocean (“Peach-Butt Ocean”) [English], by Methonium

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–Update: this is a sequel to Peach-Butt Motion ^^

A boy and a girl go to the beach, and the customary oil rubbing turns into an erotic massage followed by outdoors anal sex. That could be all there is to this story… but, fortunately, we’re far from it :D
There’s an exhilerating, really, exhilerating, feeling of enjoyment coming from every page, the dialogues are light-hearted and funny, the girl’s plump body and honest face are oozing out eroticism like mad, the boy’s a merry shameless fellow, and the manga doesn’t end with the final creampie, it goes on a bit to add a wonderful vanilla icing on our hentai cake =)

To pack so many good things in only 24 pages, it takes a skilled artist like Methonium, hahah ^^ I’m glad I read it, thanks a LOT to NecroManCr for that one :)

Update: today as I write it, every single share I made so far of a work by Methonium, has found itself reedited unto tank scans, in the GLORIOUS Muchi Lover volume, 214 pages of pure bliss.
You’ll find the list of AMM the works by Methonium in the Muchi Lover page, to keep things more simple for me :)

However, there’s an issue, the image resolution in the new Muchi Lover tankoubon is small, 1500 px, as opposed to the 2500 px res. we have in the previous scans, such as the one in the present post. A comparison from one of the chapters: magazine (previous versions, as in the present post) / tank (new version, as in Muchi Lover). Pick the version you prefer, new or old.

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10 Comments on "Momojiri Ocean (“Peach-Butt Ocean”) [English], by Methonium"

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Pyrolobus fumarii

vanillaaa la la la.. *melting*


This release looks like its a sequel to this one:

Oliver AKA The Admin


I had a feeling of déjà-vu, silly me! You're right!

Thanks a lot, man ^_^


Many thanx Oliver. This one is Momojiri Ocean. Peach-Butt Ocean is another story.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hm ?

I frequently make mistakes so I won't be taking it badly, could you elaborate about peach-butt ocean being another story, Ehud ?

In my eyes, this is a simple translation, isnt'it ? Momojiri = "peach butt"…


I'm sorry oliver (i'm bowing now). I confused it with Peach-Butt motion.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah ? Haha ^^ No worries :)


An example of Japan's censorship double standards:
▪ show uncensored genitalia – GOD FORBID!! we don't want to corrupt the morals of the younger (or any) generation!
▪ show uncensored anus – Oh that's cool, just the thing we want the generation to be familiar with!!


Looks like I missed this one as I was away and been catching up over the last few days from what's been posted the past couple of months.. Methonium continues to cement their place as a top tier ero-artist and storyteller. I hope they keep stories like this coming for a long time.


All I can say is, damn.