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Pffff… So, yeah, it sucks.

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Howdy. As a French, I want to say a big “THANK YOU” to the guys who sent a kind word of sympathy. It’s comforting. Really.

None of my friends or relatives were involved in those terrorist attacks we had in Paris, so things are allright here.

As a friend said, it sucks that we need to comfort muslims with frequent reassurance that, no, we know they’re not psychokillers, while the muslims, on their side, must definitely think it sucks that everyone is expecting from them demonstrations that they’re good citizens who are not going to slaughter their neighbors. Huh, the irony on both sides.

I’m disgusted that the killers were other French whose mind has rotted until they thought OK to kill innocents.
I blame Islam for this, but don’t take it the wrong way. Five centuries ago these were catholics who were committing mass murders in that same town, and catholicism is to blame the same way. Half a century ago, over five million jews died, and for this, the nazi racial supremacy belief is to blame. See the common trait ? Our sick brain, as a species, always aspiring to violence, and jumping to every good alibi to dampen all sense of morality, and go kill others.

It’s sad no religion contains a simple line telling “if you’re using faith to inflict pain unto others, you’re an asshole and we don’t want you”. But well, even a line like that would have been circumvented. Praise peace all you want, there are always loopholes. Always.
Religion, faith, are only alibis used by the sick of mind, those who seek to blind themselves, to drown themselves in something bigger and catering for their violent aspirations. The best vessel for violent radicalization in this early XXIst century is Islam, so be it, another century, another vessel, it’s all the same.

And like with other persons afflicted by incurable mental illness, we’re caught in a trap, what can we do with those people ? Can they even be cured ? “At least”, the persons who did the murders can be considered as enemy solders and killed as if it were a war on our ground. But… Say, imagine we catch a person about to commit a terror attack: after years of jail and of mental treatment, could we ever set that person free in the future ? Should we murder them with hanging, beheading, gunshot, poison, and think it’s normal to deal with that with people who haven’t committed a crime yet ? That would make us a horrible society, wouldn’t it ? But what else could be done ? I’m not implying a thing, or another, I just don’t know.

That, is my ultimate belief, it’s our defeat as a whole species.
We have always been breeding crazy killers in our ranks, in large numbers.
We’re not good enough.
Still, most of us do our best and the result is mostly OK (as long as you belong to the richest fifth of the world population, right ? And as long as you don’t consider our aggreated behaviour is pumping so hard on our planet’s resources we’re driving civilization into a bottleneck wall of pain in a pair of generations). Another day comes, our lives resume, that’s what matters.

Take care everyone, be well :)

(a good thing for the blog, I have two days of shares prepared in advance, so I won’t have to worry about stuff before monday.)

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Even a passage like that would be open to interpretation, Oliver. "Well, in the 21st century English, 'asshole' was thought to be a term of endearment amongst intimates." People can often be so cruel for the mere purpose of it. We call it belief in a higher power, a greater ideology, but it's hatred all the same.

Let's stand about it. We're with you, my friend, regardless of nation or creed.


Kinda disappointed you're going all goth on these issues, Oliver. It's easy to sit back and criticize religion, the human mind or whatnot while glossing over the good that religion and the human mind is capable of. It's a lot harder to help heal the wounds that these ISIS extremists are inflicting on everyone – non-Muslims by directing violence against them, Muslims by making their religion out to be the root of this violence.

America made the mistake of lashing out and attacking Muslim countries in 2001, and Al Qaeda used that anger to make Muslims feel isolated and rally them to their extremist cause. Your reaction – blaming Islam and faith; making moderate Muslims feel unwelcome and unappreciated – is *exactly* what ISIS wants to happen. It gets them more recruits.

And besides, the refusal to be a part of religion doesn't guarantee we'll suddenly lose our malice and willingness to inflict suffering in the name of a higher cause. Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, the Kim Dynasty, Pol Pot – these atheists were as bad (if not worse) than the people using Islam as an excuse right now.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Not sure you've accurately read what I wrote, I wonder


"I blame Islam for this, but don’t take it the wrong way… Praise peace all you want, there are always loopholes. Always.
Religion, faith, are only alibis used by the sick of mind, those who seek to blind themselves, to drown themselves in something bigger and catering for their violent aspirations. The best vessel for violent radicalization in this early XXIst century is Islam, so be it, another century, another vessel, it’s all the same."



Glad your friends and love ones are OK Oli. But sadly I can't say the same on my end. A friend I met during my "Research Trips" lost a family member due to that event and I've been checking up on him now and then and he is in a very bad place now and what's more he's not blaming the Terrorists for his lost, he's placing the blame on Hackers. Let me write this clearly since I want everyone to read it. He works at a company (which I won't mention) that sadly it's always targeted by hackers. A few days ago, his company suffered a minor data loss due to a hacker attack, his family member was an executive at the company and he was tasked to do a presentation overseas and it was scheduled for next week. But fearing another attack, he decided to do the presentation early while the backup system was still up. I heard he was sightseeing and talking to his family on his cell and suddenly they lost his signal. A few days later they got the news. Even though he was drunk, what he said to me is still lingering in my mind and a part of me feels like he is right. He said and I quote: "Those damn punks! Always messing with us working people, trying to put food on the table while they are glued to their fucking screen thinking this is a motherfucking game! You know "Delta"…I read up on these terrorists day in and day out and I see that they are upping up their game. Using social networks like Facebook and Twitter to recruit clueless idiots to fight for their cause. Hell, they're even using advance system codes to hide their tracks. Hackers say they want to take down corrupt companies like ours, but they let these motherfucking terrorists do as they please!? Fucking Hackers! Stop fucking with us, stop your fucking games, stop fucking porn sites and do something productive for a chance! You want to change the world? Help us fight them! You fucking think since they live on the part of the world that can't tell the difference between hard drive and a motherboard they don't have the ability to adjust, adapt and assimilate? Fucking wake up! If you really think that way you are not different than the ones who murdered all those people! A wise man once said: "The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". In my eyes all those terrorists attacks that have been committed and killed so many people, hackers have as much blood in their hands as them for letting it happen." I was raised to never take a drunk's words to heart, but the way he let it all out it still keeps me thinking even now. Still I better keep tabs on him, he has some bad habits that he need to be watched at all times. I hope he and his family can find some peace soon.

Alexandrine Library

Many crimes have been committed in the name of God!
Many crimes have been committed to negate God!

Intolerance is not limited to a label. It is a way of life.


please don't blame Islam for this :(
I am Islam myself and so far i know there no our teaching that killing innocent is right even in open war solder who already surrender of incapable of fighting we are forbidden to kill them.
the terrorist just justify they action using they own interpretation about "JIHAD" and that relay piss me of too….

we sympathy to tragedy in paris but please don't blame Islam blame terrorism ok :D


Oliver, there will never be a point where we have a fix. Either we will in a totalitarian society with no freedoms that represses civil liberties in the name of safety(Such as perma imprisonment or execution of mentally ill as you stated), or you have civil liberties at the cost of allowing those who will harm, harm. There is no win, only survival.

However, I want to ask you. IS violence, for whatever, actually an illness? Think back to our species. We have literally been fighting and killing since our existence. Before we had civilization, it was tribes. These tribes waged war on each other for land, food, women, and so on.

It is not just us, ALL life partakes in violence in some form. From a cell consuming a cell, to ivy strangling a tree, to a lion eating a zebra, to the Daesh and their war, to intergalactic battles occurring between advanced species. Organic life IS violence. It has been since the first bacteria formed.

Perhaps what is causing the mental illness is society trying to suppress the innate violence in all life? If you want to do so, you must accept the totalitarian rule. If you want civil liberty, you must accept violence as a part of existence.


Yes, all life forms do partake in violence, but that's for survival. But we're already at a point beyond survival: living without fear, with access to food and other things to sustain life, most of us anyway.


and yet violence still exists. That is my point. Violence is innate, and will always exist.


I digress. Not all have access to basic needs. Nope, please update your data. Still many have to live like animal to survive. Take this poor “animals to stable civilized society. Go figures…

Oli’s statement that this is our failiure as species is somehow sound. We failed to uplift our neighboor properly on many places. We choose a much more easy way of ignorance. Only when they come across the fence we take action.

Mr Blue

Be well Oliver.
And all the best to you and yours in these times.


I'm sending you a big mental hug to you and your family.
There are so many things wrong and scary in this world, but the difference lies in the world we make for each other.

Now that I'm done pouring my heart out:

Nobody dare hurt any more of my favorite Frenchmen (and women), or I will rampage like Godzilla, and no Pacific Rim Jaeger can stop me!


1st, condolence to #Paris innocent victims be #RIP . For what i blame is EURO nation taking refugee might trigger opportunity for terrorist in beautiful place of France #Parisattack. That all i have to say. Life is suck ……….if you save refugee , end out the refugee become terrorist.

So read hentai calm our heart and soul down.


That's a huge fucking load of bullshit, the refugees are no more collectively guilty than Americans or French are collectively guilty(and implied deserving of death) for their armed forces bombing ISIS.
Hell, as inhabitants of democratic nations we're theoretically more guilty than they are because we have at least a theoretical chance of changing the government's policies through elections, they have absolutely zero influence over ISIS as a collective.


This has nothing to do with that , and I am so getting tired of people blaming the basic humanity , yes I am saying that opening your border to refugee is basic humanity , it's also international law BTW , because they are so deeply entranched in the ideology that the XENOS is always a source of danger to be feared . While there will always be some truth in that , this has been used by politician to excuse their incompetence for quite a while , and you can be sure those terrorist (whoever they are and however they entered our country ) would find another way to get inside whatever they want .
The real question the one nobody ask is how the fuck did they got their hand on weapon of war and one explosive , how has is become so easy to buy that kind of shit in Europe , there is a few answer to that but we circle back to the incompetence the laziness of our politician . But in itself adopting a siege mentally is self defeating , let's welcome the refugee properly , give them a place to stay and the choice to integrate in our society in a dignified way ,not like the shame that is Calais today and on the other hand let's quite the Russian bullshit go in Syria ,free the people and burn that Daesh to the ground (bonus point if we catch Assad and give him a nice trial)

Back to you Oliver , I read your post with attention (as always since it allow me not to loose piece of my soul reading hentai) and it's a nice sentiment you express and you rise to solid question that are interesting , whose fault is it and how can we as a society respond .

First I am neither a religious person nor a depository of ancient knowledge that would allow me to understand everything better than anyone ( what I write is the product of a reflection but not an adamant truth that I hammer at all you reader) . That being said if you think one Islam is somehow responsible you misunderstand the problem , two that our society his somewhat doomed and can't handle it well France got back from the Nazi occupation our political as still as retarded as before but we as a people endure and we will endure this is not war this is a rat attacking a den of lion . As tragic as the 13 was , as terrible a the loss of life was , it will cause but a dent in our nation , one that will serve as a reminder but hopefully will not harm either the principle of our democracy or the spirit of our nation .
We will either imprison those weak enough to indoctrinate themselves and show them the error of their way and then either let them reintegrate society or let them rot in a jail or we will destroy them , we might be peaceful but our essence regardless of origin is the Gauls , we are the fury .
That being said Islam is not the issue , this conflict as much as anyone want to make it a crusade has nothing to do with religion , religion is just a tool some people manipulate to legitimate their Barbary , like any other idea it can be twisted on and on until it serve your purpose .
It has everything to do with the manipulation of misery and violence by people who though they could control it and the multiple failure of our society . the creation of Daesh is the direct result of on one side the Russian support of the Syrian dictatorship (who purposefully help Daesh creation) and the Iraqi war and the bush administration handling of the after war (namely corrupting everything that moved with dollar and setting up a weak puppet regime ) . All of that point of at the O.N.U and how they are not doing their job , much like the S.D.N in it's time , and we are back to a pre WWI world climate . You want to know who is responsible for this whole mess ? Our politic who lack vision , courage and clarity and ultimately us for electing all those mindbogglingly stupid asshole .
If we center this debate around religion we make them win , I hold no special love for it but I know it's a useful intellectual tool , the product of an evolution in how we human think and transfer knowledge value and moral . it's not the alpha and omega of life but it is important , doesn't mean we need to tolerate the radical thought . So maybe from this tragedy we can get of our collective ass and stop the madness .


As a lebanese and muslim (I like hentais, so what ? XD) I know how you feel Oliver, same think happened in Beyrouth a few days ago. I fear for my country and I hope a civil war (sunnite-chiite) won't start. It's incredible that in our time, muslims take the Qur'an literally, I think the time off holy wars are bygone days. The brainwash power of those terorist is incredible. You should see how many idiots supports them in Lebanon…
My father often travel often to Belgium or work, after the attacks I think that will be hard for him to enter Europe and I understand that. When Muslims will be deported (I don't know if it's the right term) from Europe I won't be surprised. I wanted to travel to France next year for studies… I don't know if I will do that now.
Those extremist fucked everything up… I read an article about PS4 being a way that terrorist use to communicate, now even on our gaming systems we will be watched and who can argue with that if it's the price to pay for catching them.


I also don't know if there is a solution that don't involve military. I only know that if you try to end the islam you will only create more terrorists. In fact, many stupid ways of thinking caused harm to people over the centuries, today Islam is the biggest concern because some of them didn't evolved to the 21 century way of thinking. I believe that if there is a solution for this problem it is in the own islam, for they to deal with themselves and find a way to evolve before it is too late and they ends up being exterminated.


Oliver, do you consider Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism as "religion" ?

If yes, then, you know, killing people of other faith is NOT WELCOME or NOT MENTIONED in these system.

Especially Buddhism which condemns killing.

Alexandrine Library

You are simplifying the problem. Every religion, Christianity included, defends love and tolerance. So what? Buddhist Japan distributed "love" at large during WWII (and not only), the same way Taoist China is famous for spreading "love" all around Asia along history. Inquisition, slavery, St. Bartholomew's Day massacre and so on are typical of Christian "love", I admit, but it is ridiculous to say that other beliefs have the monopoly of illumination while the Western culture carries the chaos. We do carry the chaos, and so do the others – unfortunately.

Kurzwaltz Messer

Don't forget predominantly-Buddhist Myanmar, where a historic election just took place, but the minority Rohingya were not allowed to vote because they're not even considered citizens of that country.


My my everyone.. please look closer so we can judge wiser.

Whoever is truly the world terrorist anyway?

As a world’s peace keeper, un once again fail.

Alexandrine Library

What is UN? Do you refer to that joke where five superpowers are protected, no matter the crime, due to veto powers? Such superpowers will never be condemned, no matter the crime they commit, and the same can be said about their allies. It is that simple. The UN will always keep the peace, but the peace that does not incommode five specif countries. It IS that simple.


take that deep francshiit

Rama Narendra

Good to know that you’re safe Oli!
As an Indonesian Muslim, i feel sorry for the paris bombing but i think you can’t just blame Islam as a whole for this. Blame those crazy-minded radical muslims like ISIS

PS: Have you check “Every girls has thorns” by Hisasi? It’s a great work!


Glad to hear your okay.


Religion itself is not to blame, it is the people who use it for their own contorted and nefarious purposes.
Nowhere does it say in any of the holy books (I'm not gonna use their names here since it's a hentai site and that would be disrespectful), be they for Christians, Muslims or Jews, that killing is just in any way. Actually, EVERY holy text is against that, sometimes even in the case of self defense.
The concept of jihad these ISIS people are peddling has been manipulated for their own purposes. They have twisted the teachings of Islam into something that does not even resemble the real thing. That is one of the reasons why they have been deemed non-muslims by many muslim scholars.
Christianity itself did not incite the crusades, it is not the teachings of Buddhism that are causing the massacre of muslims in Myanmar, and it is not the teachings of Islam doing what ISIS is doing. People committed and are committing these acts. Yes, they are doing that in the name of religion, but that does not make religion bad. Computers can be used to do terrible things like hacking etc, but that does not make them bad. Guns can be used to kill, but they can also save lives in the right hands.
Religion can be the cause of so many good things as well, like charity, bringing people together and helping people through tough periods in their lives. Some people need to believe in something more, some higher power to get through their lives or some difficulties.
Evil grows in the hearts of people. Even atheists can be evil, where does religion come into play there?
So, religion is not to blame here. People are. Evil people, who are using something pure and wonderful to incite violence, create hatred among us and spread evil.
What we need to do as a whole is to unite against them and show them that their evil cannot and will not deter us and will not affect all the good there is in the world and that it is all that is good, regardless of race, country or religion, that will prevail in the end.


While I do agree with you that Islam as a whole shouldn't be blamed for these acts anymore than Christianity as a whole should be blamed for the acts of the United States in Afghanistan or Iraq.
I do however believe that religion in general(of any denomination) is part of the problem. Religion stems from our need to create something larger than ourselves and explain uncomfortable or difficult things like death etc.

Used as a crutch makes it easier to create an "us and them" boundary and it makes it easier to justify actions against and to galvanize your forces against an opponent because you have a clear fault-line, their god is false, ours is not, they deserve to die for their heresy(that one has been used oh so many times in the past).
Just about every conflict ever has use religion to to create and/or vilify an opponent, even when religion wasn't the goal or the reason for the conflict. But most of all it's harder, much harder to convince somebody to willingly give up their life for your cause if they don't believe in life after death and that they'll be rewarded for their sacrifice.

Intolerance and wickedness exists everywhere but I do firmly believe that religion makes it easier to give it direction, momentum, and an audience.
People can use religion both for great good and great evil, and in both cases it makes the act easier to achieve, so it's not all bad.


i have seen a lot of sick ppl that’d do just anything for what they want. the sickest part is they use ‘cover’ to blame it on someone else. even using someone else’s feeling to drive them to do what the provocators want. so sometimes i must be aware if things are falsely driven to make me think “it must be this groups fault”

in this case im not sure which one, but surely these terrorists number cant possibly defeat a national armies/police. so they use guerrilla among peaceful citizens so that its harder to handle them all.

but the purpose for attacking a night concert is what i dont really get. for what? i can only see a few things :

more ppl beware of extremist groups or even some random peaceful muslims, which is this is the worst reaction

a leader of the country might get the blame for letting such dangerous groups roaming around,

or probably some of these terrorist felt that some peaceful countries must also feel what the warring nations in middle east

what i can do is to not react rashly but more cautious of around me.


They target soft targets because it is, 1: Easier by a mile than attacking a hardened military target or even a police station. 2:If it happens enough it makes us feel afraid and vulnerable if our government can't protect us and keep us safe. 3: It sends a very clear message, killing a dozen soldiers, even if it's a few dozen at a barrack in your country most ppl won't consider that as bad. 4: Vengeance, we in the west don't exactly have a stellar record when it comes to avoiding collateral damage or not committing war crimes, sure we're better at it than anybody else by a mile but we're still terrible at it, just take the US Apache incident or Abu Ghraib for example. 5: If it causes the local population to strike out in pain and generalize that all Muslims == terrorists then they win converts and they can easier radicalize more moderate Muslims.

It has only been roughly 75 years since we the supposedly enlightened west considered actively targeting civilians as a legitimate strategy to reach military success. Take the British firebombings of German cities for example, they knew exactly what the consequences would be. Or take the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US knew exactly how destructive the a-bomb was and still chose to deploy them over predominantly civilian areas.


Oliver, don't buy the brainwashing media.
Check out… for what's really in play here.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Gee, thanks, I needed that laugh


Well that’s pretty rude. Time will tell huh.


Also you can check THIS out, a message of comfort by a few friends in Pakistan, a land where such terror happens every single day:


unlike your previous post about terrorism, this post is a bit softer.. but whatever your feeling and thoughts of what happens there, I'm sure I feel exactly the same as yours. Personally, as a moslem who lived in a country that majority are moslems feels disgusted with this incident in Paris, it's deteriorates my humanity..

What's make me more frustrated is the response from some of my people here, they tried to compare this terrorist incident with Israel-Palestine conflict.. (ridiculous right?) dunno what kind of logic they were using.. they were saying as if this incident is nothing compared to what happens to the Palestine' people..

One of my friends were the victims of this 'noble' act. The last thing I remember what we've done together in the past when all of us were going to the ground zero to help people (tsunami-disaster relief) about a decade ago..

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