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Feel So Ass ~ I Felt Like It Was Fate [English], by Jun (Circle Rojiura Jack)

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Oh boy. How nice :twisted:
I took that one as an awesome surprise. We start with a shut-in guy just because his GF broke up with him, his reprobating sister brings home her gyaru friend and… Like pieces clicking together and perfectly fitting, we *know* there’s gonna be something between those two, the gyaru and the newly shut-in bro.

It’s not like there’s a solid complex moving scenario after this, but, still, there’s more than just training an ass until anal comes and is awesome. There was a sense of fate and souls meant to meet and join. I loved it :D

And the drawings ? INTENSE AS FUCK!!! The girl’s body is screaming for experiencing again the pleasures of the flesh. Her face is also something else, to be blunt, look, I think her face alone could provide for fapping materials, on some pages, just her face would be hot enough. The brother’s face of dedication was also somehow praiseworthy. Plus, when at last sex happens, the drawings went from great to awesome.
Feast on, my fellow hentaiers, feast on =)
And thanks a lot to the 5AM Translations team! :)

By the same artist (the “real” name is Jun, the “circle” is Rojiura Jack), I also share Junai Mellow (220 pictures), Kemonokko Tsuushin ~ Nekomusume Nia (“Beast Girl Communications ~ Catgirl Nia” – Uncensored version), Kemonokko Tsuushin ~ Tanukiko Pokora (Uncensored version), Go Ahead! Kore Ga Watashi No Doctrine, Job Change, Hana X Hana and the hentai movie based on Pure Love Mellow.

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15 Comments on "Feel So Ass ~ I Felt Like It Was Fate [English], by Jun (Circle Rojiura Jack)"

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read it some days ago, i really hope jun get a new tank soon

it's gold!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oh yeah, it would really be awesome.

Let's keep our hopes up =)


This is the first time I wished I liked anal. This was hilarious and those faces and drawings were stupendous, but I just couldn't enjoy the ass sex. :(

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah, too bad for you, really.

Just wondering, did you also try practicing it IRL ? It's awesome, practiced with someone who can enjoy it…

Seishiro Haga

Hentai title has never this poetic.


Oliver, am really dying over here, so please help with one question, is there gonna be another Giga Torrent this year ?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yes. Freeze date: december 31st. This way, EVERYTHING of the year will be inside.
Preparation time: one week, most probably.
Release date, around the end of the first week of january, something like that.
There youare :)


Thanks man :D, one more question then, how come you don't have "Dungeon Princess Prina" by Rebis in here ?


One might speculate whether in the future, the sister will suddenly get all "tsundere/bro-com" in trying to figure out why Haruka is now dating her brother (wink-wink, nudge-nudge, etc., etc.) :p


I think you forgot two other works you'd shared here already.

Morning Cock:

Through the Wall:


The thing that always gets me about Jun's work is the girl being fucked by behind on her tippy-toes.

The gravity-defying surprise look of the girl as she's tight-roping through a sexual romp.

Don't remember the artist drawing gyaru women though; for a minute I thought this was a Bimanian feature.


It should be a rule that all Gyaru hentai should have anal scenes. I don't have a particular fetish for Gyaru, but I can't deny that they always seem to have nice asses, and nice expressions when that ass is penetrated ✌(´◓ロ◔`)

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I went wrong with the image somehow, I'll try again, but if it doesn't work, it's because it's not accepting a gif.
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You forgot two other works of him that you already shared here.
a short one Morning Cock:
a One Piece parody Through the Wall:

Danish Otaku

I’ve read regular manga for a while, always dismissing hentai manga as something i didn’t want to get into. But then one of the pages from this showed up on 9gag, and after some reverse image searching, I found, read it, and loved it. I’m into anal and butt stuff..
I also prefer vanilla, mutual feelings, loving relationships (with awesome sex) ;)
A few days later, and I found this site. Very lovely website you have here.
Keep up the good work:)