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Love Master Peach [English], by Kentarou

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This share comes as supposedly complete, there is a big “Love Master Peach – End” on the last page, and yet it feels horribly incomplete.
In your opinion, does that mean there are actually more chapters to come ? Or, that it was badly written ? Or, simply, that I didn’t understand the translation ? Honest questions.

A short summary would be this is the promising story of the heir of a kind of sex-god about to get laid for the first time, but things don’t follow the plan. Later on, he watches a JAV with his grandpa. The end. So much story or comedy potential, wasted like that, for fuck’s sake.

If someone’s understood more than me or knows who to credit, please, tell about it in a comment :D

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9 Comments on "Love Master Peach [English], by Kentarou"

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I’ve seen the raws for this one and I’m sure this one’s not complete. Still thanks for sharing a translated one


It’s interesting story .


IF there’s ever a continuation, I’d give it a spin.


There is like 9 raw chapters of it in hentai galleries.


There’s definitely some glaring English errors, on the translators part. It gives a “machine-translation” feel with a bit of grammatical rearrangement. Some tenses still don’t work, and the translator didn’t go to the extra effort of re-contextualizing (creatively rewording/reworking lines to make it fit in an English flow).

I also had issues with the actual story: it didn’t feel resolved and the moral of the story (if there is one) ambiguous.

Potentially hilarious premise, but poorly executed form both sides of writer and translator.

Stalker Fairy

Yup, I’ve seen the raws as well and there’s definitely more to come. 9 chapters in fact.


The ‘End’ probably refers to the end of his amateur moves and on to becoming a sex-god. Something like that maybe.