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Koisame Dolce [English], by Syoukaki

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The story is touching, really, I hope you'll give it a chance :)

Sometimes, the vanilla comes with a bittersweet, adult-flavoured flavour. In the present share, love is slowly blooming in a not-so unlikely couple, a married life who doesn’t fully realize she’s finding in a soon-adult young man what she has never been granted with her husband. When she finds why her husband has had a reason to show little love for her, there’s that young man to give her the love she was yearning for.

Me, I was touched, moved, saddened and relieved, I loved it.
However, I fear a large number of visitors will not like it “because adultery”, the comments discussion in an older share showed me there was a cultural dimension to tolerating or rejecting this theme.

We owe this very worthy share to Mederic64 and Ser Maggot, from/for the E-H Cove. Thank you very much! :)

By the same artist, I also share Shinyuu Affection (“Best Friend Affection”).

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9 Comments on "Koisame Dolce [English], by Syoukaki"

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This is the proof that you must not judge a book by his cover… lovely story.


Oh yiss


There is a difference in the forms of adultery shown here and in that discussion. This one is occurring at the obvious end of a relationship. She will be leaving the husband obviously, as he does not care for her. Bad relationship, time to move to a better one.

The form your presented in your car engine analysis Oliver is a much different form I also don’t agree with. Adultery to save a relationship? lol

To each their own I suppose.


Therein lies the problem with placing yourself in the MC’s situation. Disapproval for NTR, adultery, old men (funny as all are headed that way), etc and all that stuff as if it were happening to you, lol. It’s only fap material people, as obviously the artist intends, treat is as such. Otherwise, the creator could have just drawn/written non-h story.


I previously wrote a long ass explanation of the historical and social reason around the adultery stigma but I clicked away and lost it all (rage) . To sum it up being cheated on is never agreeable (unless somehow you have that fetish) but wake up if there is no love and/or no carnal interest in the relationship than you shouldn’t be mad when your spouse cheat on you . In the real world women are not possession that you can dispose of as you please (same apply to men tho less likely ) and if there was any love in the first place , that’s her/him loss so why get mad ?
Now in hentai adultery as ridiculous as they are , there is often an emphasis , a particularly misogynistic kind , assuming that the soft kind-hearted dude , will get his SO stolen from him by either that douchy piece of shit that bully him or the fat old men . Because she will turn in two quick stroke into a whore , and don’t react/Somehow enjoy it/ Kill himself .
I don’t understand it , it provide extremely arousing drawing , ruined by the story-line but hell I don’t judge or care , it’s nonsensical . This share as the merit to provide nuance . Also vanilla!!!


meh…. I liked it, good drawings and I appreciated where they took the story. However, I just never get the whole “he’s cheating on me so we never have sex” thing when the girl is clearly supermodel level. “oh, my tits are probably too big.” Where do you meet girls like that? Even a cheating husband would still pork his bombshell wife at times. Myself, you’d find me hard pressed to even leave the house with a wife like that.


Minor nitpick: You wrote “married life” instead of “married wife” (then again, how could you be a wife AND not married?).


This story, much like The Same School by Itaba Hiroshi, is the type of netori that I like seeing. I’d like to see another chapter down the road when them together after the cake shop gets opened,


There’s nothing I can add to this that I didn’t mention before, regarding Amayadori (“Taking Shelter From The Rain”) [English], by Aoi Hitori, which also contains a “cheating” scenario, but one that goes in a different direction than this – except to say (based solely on my opinions and beliefs), cheating husband got what he deserved.

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