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Beach De Kojinshidou [English], by Momonosuke

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Ah gawd, that was touching and hot.
(Meanwhile, down there, at the boy’s private parts: ZBOING!!) (lol)

Well, that was cute :) We’re in summer, a female senpai and her younger kouhai in a volleyball club, the setting sun, a beach with noone else around… The beauty of youth and the first times having sex :)
This share has been brought by Fated Circle and Garass, thank you very much! ^_^

That said… While I’d want to praise the atmosphere, the beautiful drawings (Momonosuke has a tradition of delivering quality dark skin and tanlines, and he delivered once again), there’s something missing in this share. Would you guess what ?
I’ll tell you: GENITALIA ARE MISSING FOR PETE’S SAKE! I reached the final page and only then did I realize we moved past censorship, there was, simply, careful avoiding to have to represent anything at all :shock: :wall:

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Well thats one way of avoiding censorship, but this makes it merely ecchi, not hentai, no?


Where’s the pussy and where’s the cock? She was really done nice but I wanted to see something close to a pussy even if it was censored. My goodness!!!


Even if it’s probably more “ecchi” than “hentai” …..

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I’m honestly more bothered by the fact that the artist seem to having trouble drawing feet. There is just something really off when you look at them