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Calling all volunteers to help fund the decensoring of Shiwasu No Okina’s Nudist Beach tankoubon

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Hello everyone,

I’ve been in occasional touch with a heroic group of people who want to bring us the decensored version of Shiwasu No Okina’s Nudist Beach manga.

I may have been disappointed with SNO’s previous serialization (the one about making idols), but this one, the Nudist Beach, has AWESOMESAUCE from beginning to end. The feelings of nudist, the cheerful teens, the amazing drawings, the hardcore action with tons of different girls… what a feast.

And there we are, Belldandy100 is currently decensoring it. But his work is fueled by donations.

Today as I write this post, 50$ were already donated, for a total cost of 200$ for the whole project. This may look big, but come on, think of the time it takes to properly remove a single censorship bar, and multiply it by the number of times it happens in the complete manga… Belldandy100 is already doing us a favour, he could have asked for a much larger sum.
Look at the current version, using censored as fuck magazine scans, and now imagine, what if it was made using decensored tank scans ? :3

Would you like to help, and chip in ? Every little bit helps, in total, we’ll have covered the required sum, I’m sure of it :)
If you feel like it, , you’re cool.

 You can visit Belldandy100’s Nudist Beach project page, or you may also take part in a stormy and totally losing focus discussion on a 4chan thread that serves – or served, pas tense, lol – as commissioners HQ ^^

-hey, wait!-

Update, not even a day later: it’s done. The funding for over 200$ has been completed in a night.

You guys… You people are awesome.
Huge respect.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Done, just wish I could find the hentai equivalent of the Humble Bundle or sales like on the digital comic book sites.


Je viens de le trouver en version manga avec la censure transparente mais il n est pas traduis cela vous intéresse ?


si cela peux aider pour la version non censuré envoyer moi un e mail et je vous répond en envoyant le fichier ZIP attacher en retour.


pardon me if out off topic , can u help me about this one
comment image
what doujinshi name , i’m tired searching btw