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Seisai Kuubo Ga Netoraremashite ~Shoukaku Hen [English], by Abe Inori

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Very hot, and yet, too facepalmesque for me

Here is a Kantai Collection parody in which the Admiral’s wife, Shoukaku, is given strong aphrodisiacs and fucked against her will until her mind breaks and she becomes another scumbag’s cum dump.
Great art, though, very intense, Shoukaku’s meaty body is seriously arousing, and there’s not too much censorship. if the theme of choice doesn’t annoy you, it sure would be worth a shot.

I see no point in wasting more time than needed, the rest depends on your tastes.
Thanks to Cgrascal for this release!

By the same artist, I also share Anamawashi (205 pictures) and Tomoe Mami Wa Majo Dearu.

You’ll also notice this annoying sense of *shame* the Japanese are fond of. As if a woman OUGHT to feel shame for feeling pleasure. In a way, this tells a lot -of bad things- about the civilization in which this concept is supposed to be a given.

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Once you use drugs, you admit that you can’t pleasure a woman yourself.

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