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Osananajimi No Obasan Ga Seiteki Sugiru (“My Childhood Friend’s Mother Is Sexually Excited”) [English], by Utamaro

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Ringlets and an offered pussy. I loved that scene :3 (it's ringlets, right, how that hairstyle is called ?)

Usually, when a girl takes her male childhood friend home, it’s to have sex with him.
Or her mother steals the boy right under her too candid nose.
Today we explore a third, less ventured, path. In which the girl’s mother grabs the boy, but all went according to keikaku :lol:

The story setup was amusing, the drawings were very original and frankly pleasant, full of enthusiam and it’s like you could imagine the mangaka smiling while drawing it.
There’s only one issue, the dreadful blur mosaics censorship. Christ, what a pity!

Credits, for this release, are for Jhenier13 and Phazonmasher, thank you! Me, the censorship didnt’ ruin my reading fun (only compromise my interest in fapping, to be brutally honest, lol), I’m still glad I’ve read it :)

By Utamaro, I also share Marriage Life With Demons (176 pictures), Muramura Diary and the Uncensored version of Amamai After Story

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9 Comments on "Osananajimi No Obasan Ga Seiteki Sugiru (“My Childhood Friend’s Mother Is Sexually Excited”) [English], by Utamaro"

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That one caught me off guard, well done.


Not sure if I want to fap to it


Lol only in the hentai world would this work. But still funny has heck.


I think you will find that the artist’s name is Utamaro (see, not Utamaru.


I have to say I didnĀ“t see that one coming.


One picture is worth a thousand words:

comment image


oliver the hairstyle name your looking for is called hair-drills or just drills i think