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Nee-chan no Sakauramix (“Nee-chan’s Unjustified Ragings”) [English], by Aoki Kanji

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How to cure a psycho: give her the D

What would you do, if your big sister became a shut-in, was gradually losing her grip on reality, and started considering violent action against uncertain targets, maybe you, maybe herself… and then asked you to have sex with her?

We’re not in an old bonus picture situation.
We’re in a much more twisted, comical, and what-the-fuck-esque situation. Eventually, everything ends well, although I wouldn’t dare call it vanilla ^^;;

I’ve written enough. See for yourselves =) The drawings are quite good, much more, well, “varied” than in usual Aoki Kanji mangas: almost ahegaos, a complex female personality, not too much censorship…
Behind this release, we have for the scans, and Samwais, Amalthea, Cadenza, Freudia and HayateKBL from Team Koinaka for the scanlation: thank you!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Gimme A Hug + Gimme More Hugs + Lemme Hug You, Yume Ni Made Mita, Imouto Lesson, Only You – Template and Chocolate, Active Canine And Bikini De Ojama, Ane Ga Shibashiba Tsuyappoi Kao O Suru, Nekkyou Quiet (“Quiet Obsession”), Onee-chan No Te O Totte, Ouhi-sama Hacchake Asobasu, Momioka No Hatsujou, Ichi Ni No 3P, Imouto No IIwake, Yaritai Kisetsu Shinryoku No Sakari (“Season of Desire – Only You”) (uncensored version), Dramatic Couple and Seishun Wild Pitch plus, of course, the Bride Setsuko-san +Fetishist Setsuko-san + Niiduma Setsuko-san + Kanojo Wa Setsuko-san series.

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Oh, and in case some of you wanted to recommend that I write a Redirection Page listing the works by Aoki Kanji: I’m waiting. A full-manga will soon be fully scanlated, I’m sharing several of its chapters already. And then, once this full manga is done, THEN I’ll make a list of all the works. It will take muuuuch less time to write ;)

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This must have a continuation


I hope so. I think she’s going to end up loving his dick whether she gets a job or not. Then she’ll become the pregnant house wife and he’ll be the salary man.


Is this really yandere? She doesn’t really have feelings for him…


I’ve done that “having sex while going up the stairs” thing before! It wasn’t bad, not bad at all!


Uh, ….. even for the onee-san/incest combo …

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