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Semen Clinic (“Sokonashi Tsuyudaku Clinic”) [English, 232 pictures, Completely translated at last, retouched version], by RaTe

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Even professional American porn actors don't have such great dicks, lol

Until today, I was only sharing a half-translated version of Semen Clinic, in which the first half was in English, and the second half was in Japanese.
Have I forgotten or missed the release of the completely translated version, I have no idea, but, still, it’s thanks to the recommendation by a nice guy called Travis that I share it at last, so, thank you ^^

So, now, Semen Clinic. Well, I’ll be blunt and warn you, this is a HUGE disappointment compared to the other works by RaTe.

Story-wise: not very much, it’s been about futanari girls enjoying their youth, tons of sex with as few brain cells involved as possible, so there is nothing to actually expect, you can’t be disappointed when you expect nothing.
But graphically, it was a catastrophe, the images are in small resolution, and the images are saved in a far too compressive (as in:destructive) manner, meaning nearly all the pics look shitty (edgy, polluted, pixelated as hell), not to mention terrible levels quality killing the contrasts or the shades. I ran my usual retouching routine and more, to make the pics look a bit less super ugly, but that only helped marginally.

So, although I still share it you are warned, you cannot expect a total visual sausage festival, okay?

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The troll note, now. If you had MASSIVE schlongs like the girls in the manga. Would you resist the temptation to give yourselves head every day?

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
(95 MB, 232 pictures, English)

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There was some comedian who said that if guys could suck their own dick they would never leave the house.

And would probably lead to situations like this:
Guy #1: Hey, you wanna fuck?
Guy #2: No way, you’re a guy!
Guy #1: You suck your own dick don’t you?
Guy #2: All the time but I’m not gay!


Mmmn… yummy!

No higher pixelization, Olive?


Futanari manga: “sausage festival”
Hurhurhur, nice one


Full on futanari fuck fest? Oh yeah, this is very much my style. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The resolution was kinda crappy. But in a way, it was nostalgic. Reminded my of the early
days of hentai for me. Low res scans of Eros Comics.

And if I could reach, I absolutely would.