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Daitouryou No Inbou (“President In Vogue”) [English], by Hachiya Makoto

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Only one absence, no grabbing by the pussy :D

Donald Trump is in a hostess bar. He wonders what the hell he’s gonna do now, as he didn’t think he would actually become President of the United states. A younger Hillary Clinton confronts him, a Japanese PM starts having sex with Hillary, Trump cosplays as the pen pineapple pen guy, a Mexican immigrant (who actually is the President Enrique Peña Nieto) comes out of nowhere and starts having sex with the girl that was comforting Trump, Trump takes back Hillary and makes sex with her great again, and at this point I have totally lost it lol.

The whole scene is hugely filled with bad jokes and puns about politics, I doubt it can be used for fapping (unless…), but for a good laugh, that was totally worth it :D :lol:

By the same artist, I also share Laundry, Lady’s Service and From Rooftop For Heaven.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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Side note: for the next 4 years, my first reaction about American politics, both as a defence mechanism and a shamefully sadistic “to each his own” reflex, will be, to sum it up in one gif:

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21 Comments on "Daitouryou No Inbou (“President In Vogue”) [English], by Hachiya Makoto"

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Wow this is deep… It reduces this reality to that of a drunken man’s dream… And the Mexican immigrant is illegal so that why he just pops up. Tump once called all illegal immigrates rapist so well…

The stuff about the taxes I think relates to the issue with trade between the US and Mexico and the acronyms I think are due to how often they were used in the last(?) election season.

And I’m of the same opinion as you are, except that stupidity in america is one of the few places were it can fuck up the whole world.


Really wasn’t sure whether to classify this as “SAY WHAT?”, or “DA FU!?”

Final Conclusion:

comment image:large


That second part should have been written as: “DA FUQ?”


>defence mechanism and a shamefully sadistic “to each his own” reflex, will be, to sum it up in one gif

So you’re now a child molester eating popcorn.


It’s my impression or Karuta-san/Trump got NTR’ed/cucked ???


Now that’s a Dank pussy that I would rather flee.


A trash barrel fire shouldn’t be funny for anybody who actually has to deal with it, whether its the people who are being forced to live around it because of the bullshit alt-right polices Agent Orange and his lackies are going to promote, or the people who willingly stuck their hands into it to spite the rest of the country.
This bullshit is all of humanities fault, mainly America’s, but no one is innocent. We ALL share the GUILT of being HUMAN.


This insanity looks like it’s making its way to France and Germany next in 2017.

Don’t say it can’t happen in your backyard. The British and US media thought that way too.


I agree with everything, but I do find it funny a Japanese artist critiquing US immigration, when theirs is even stricter(And partly aiding in the fall of the population).


make sex great again or orgasm together?


That’s Enrique Peña Nieto lol our so called President… he stole the elections by the way, either way this thing was hilarious xD, greetings from Mexico! Tacos!


chairo detected


Isn’t this the same artist of My Neighbor Taro-kun?
“my name is ooooobama”

alex rus

Молодец, Оливер!
Этот автор манги, Вами представленной здесь, видать рисовал её тогда, когда все были уверены, что победит Клинтон.
Интересно, какие рекорды этот мангака поставит по “переобуванию на лету”?
Сумеет ли в этом он превзойти Ваших, Оливер, Премьер-министра Мэй и Вашего Главу Форин-офиса Бориса Джонсона?
У нас термин “переобуваться на ходу” (или “на лету”) означает резкую смену позиции в связи с изменившимися обстоятельствами. Таких, кстати, сильно не уважают у нас!
Особенно, если до этого, человек служил нехорошим людям.